7 Effective Ways to Sell Business Ideas to Investors

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Effective Ways to Sell Business Ideas to Investors – Often a business idea is discovered by accident.

Anything that you see and think about, can then become a creative and innovative business idea.

However, an idea will only be an idea without any action to make it happen.

That is, you have to act to carry out the business idea.

If you don’t have capital, you can sell the idea to an investor so that the idea you have is more valuable later.

Sometimes, an idea can be worth tens or even hundreds of millions to billions, depending on the idea itself.

The most important thing is not only the idea itself but how to sell the business idea to investors.

It’s useless to have a brilliant idea but can’t sell it.

If so, then the idea would only be wishful thinking.

Of course, this is detrimental.

So, try to sell your business idea to investors.

How to? Pay attention to the following points, come on!

Effective Ways to Sell Business Ideas to Investors

Effective Ways to Sell Business Ideas to Investors

1. Selling business ideas in the form of proposals

Yes, ideas must be put down on blank paper in the form of a business proposal, so that investors will more easily understand when you sell the business idea.

An illustrated idea will be easier to see and analyze than an idea that is still in the mind.

Once drawn, then convey to yourself the idea clearly and clearly before you convey it to investors.

Make yourself believe that the idea can work.

After that, make a reason why you are selling your business idea, what are the benefits, and so on.

2. Make a List of the Strengths of Your Business Idea

After the idea has been written and illustrated, then you also have to inform the advantages of your idea.

Think about what makes your idea interesting compared to other people’s ideas.

That way, later investors will easily understand the benefits and advantages of your idea.

Apart from making a list of strengths, it would be better if you include other lists such as problems that you can solve by selling this business idea.

3. Write down any problems that are solved by the realization of your idea

In addition to a list of strengths, you will also list any problems that can be solved with your idea.

That is, what can you or someone else accomplish with your idea?

Here, you will focus on things that are measurable.

That is, indeed your idea will solve some of the problems that many people need.

However, the idea must be scalable so that investors will easily reach it.

If it seems too high, then your idea will lead to wishful thinking.

This problem varies depending on what idea you have.

For example, you have a business idea selling parcels online.

So, with your idea, people don’t have to bother buying parcel contents one by one, if you want to make a parcel.

With your business, they can more easily choose based on the preferences of the parcel recipient.

4. Make a Schematic of How Your Idea Will Work

After you explain what problems can be solved by selling your business idea, then it’s time for investors to ask, “How will your idea solve the problem?”

Of course, this is related to the mechanism of how to carry out your idea in a coherent and measurable way.

You have to convey from A to Z how your idea will work to solve the problem.

Of course, investors must be sure that the idea will actually work.

5. Explain How the Business Idea Will Make a Profit

Of course, the reason why investors will provide funds to you is that they are interested in the benefits they get.

This advantage can be in any form, but mainly in the form of money.

If you have explained how your idea works to solve various community problems, now is the time to then explain how this idea can generate profits for the company.

This is where investors will be increasingly convinced that your idea will have a positive impact on them.

6. Explain How The Idea Will Stand Against Competitors

The idea you conveyed should already have some defensive action.

That is, when your idea is actually implemented, you will find out how the idea will be able to compete with competitors who have almost the same idea.

That way, investors can be sure that your idea will be able to compete in the market, even being able to beat competitors.

If necessary, you must also make a competitive analysis, this will help you not only defend against competitors but also take the right steps for business continuity in the future.

7. Make it clear that ideas and businesses can thrive 

Even though in the previous point your idea can provide benefits, it is questionable, whether these benefits are for the short or long term.

You have to make a list of how your idea can then be further developed so that your business or company can develop more broadly.

From the reviews above, of course, now you have a better understanding of how to sell business ideas to investors.

The more you master the ins and outs of the idea and then explain it clearly and in detail, the more confident investors will be in you.

Don’t forget, use good communication language, OK?

It should be noted that apart from selling business ideas to investors, you can also immediately implement these ideas.


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