7 Best Country Kitchen Design Ideas

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best country kitchen design ideas

GMBOEL.COM Best Country Kitchen Design Ideas – The country-style kitchen exudes comfort and warmth, making it the perfect meeting place. It literally represents the main home office, a place for food preparation and memories where children do their homework and create crafts at the large kitchen table. Country-style cuisine evokes friendly feelings and returns to a simpler lifestyle.

From hardwood floors to plank ceilings, country-style kitchen ideas can help create a welcoming, rustic feel. Pour iced tea into a jug and take your time browsing through our selection. Whether you’re leaning towards modern or vintage style, you’ll find inspiration in this collection of kitchen designs.

1. Ideas for Traditional Style

best country kitchen design ideas

Most of the country-style ideas are taken from traditional country music. To bring to life a warm and cozy atmosphere, use a variety of natural textures and textiles. Traditional country design is based on a color palette that reflects the elements of nature found in the countryside. It includes warm browns and grays, soothing greens and blues, and neutral beiges or whites.

A country-style kitchen can also include darker colors such as evergreen, coffee, burgundy, or navy blue. They can be found on fabrics with a textile pattern or floral fabrics, well suited for country cuisine. Textile fabrics typically feature a single dark color on a white or ivory background and depict natural elements that bring life to the countryside. Landscapes, gardens, fountains, birds, flowers, and farm animals are all popular themes for them.

2. Ideas For a Modern Kitchen

best country kitchen design ideas

Many people shy away from black in country kitchens, but if you combine it with a modern style, it can be perfect. During a kitchen renovation, replace the oven hood with a tall black conical one. The black and white patterned floor is a successful fusion of modern and traditional country styles. Mixing rustic elements with primary colors will also convey a modern take on a rustic interior.

Botanical-themed prints are one way to bring a rustic touch to a modern kitchen. Choose modernized textiles or prints in your approved color palette. Add understated floral touches by incorporating botanical accents on tiles, dishes, towels, or seat cushions.

3. Wood Decor Ideas

best country kitchen design ideas

Whether it’s hardwood floors, wood cabinets, or furniture, wood is a must-have for any country-style kitchen. Shaker cabinets are a classic style of wood wall cabinets, and you can optionally paint them to match your preferred wood finish.

The so-called “Meat Block” is one of the classic countertops used in the design of the kitchen in country style. While you might not want to have a butcher’s block all over your countertop, in this case, set aside a specific area for this type of material. You can also use it exclusively on the kitchen island, turning the table in the center of the kitchen into the home chef’s main workspace.

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4. Vintage Kitchen Ideas

best country kitchen design ideas

Antiques can instantly add a vintage feel to any country-style kitchen. Place antique kitchen utensils on shelves or countertops. Gather Victorian glass plates and milk jugs, then display them in a clear glass kitchen cabinet. Wrought iron lamps and cast iron cookware will create a retro feel, even if they are brand new.

Dark hardwood floors with wide planks have been and continue to be popular in country-style kitchen designs. They go well with both rustic interiors and more modern options. Exposed ceiling beams add a rustic touch, especially if they are roughly finished and painted to match the other woodwork in the room. Take the vintage style route by opting for large, vintage appliances instead of the usual stainless steel appliances.

5. Ideas For Classic Cuisine

best country kitchen design ideas

A country kitchen design doesn’t have to be too vintage or rustic. In fact, pairing a lot of new elements with a more weathered finish is a great way to bring it to life. For example, pair a weathered table with velvet upholstered chairs, or use luxurious fabrics for window treatments.

More refined ideas that also speak to country warmth include a painted tile backsplash over white marble countertops. Upgrade your space by adding modern kitchen fixtures and arranging flowers in cut glass vases instead of jars.

6. Ideas For a Small Space

best country kitchen design ideas

White cabinets make a small kitchen seem bigger. A white arabesque or elongated tile will give the illusion of more space by continuing the color of the cabinets. The simple addition of butcher’s wood countertops will give a small kitchen a country feel without the need for a major remodel.

Indoor items such as the backsplash sink or farmhouse style table are available today in smaller but affordable options. Thanks to this, even owners of small kitchen spaces can use all the best rustic touches in their limited space.

7. White Kitchen Ideas

best country kitchen design ideas

An all-white country-style kitchen often reflects the combination of country style and farmhouse cuisine. Designers love white because of the sense of cleanliness and spaciousness it creates. However, an all-white room can seem a little too medical. In this case, it is recommended to soften the space with natural wood tones and warm rustic interior elements.

An all-white or off-white kitchen needs a few color accents to enhance the hospitality effect. To that end, paint your kitchen island or bar stools your favorite color. Or use textiles that can add vibrant color, preferably natural shades of butter yellow, or sage.

best country kitchen design ideas


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