6 Romantic Bedroom Ideas For Married Couples

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romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

Romantic Bedroom Ideas For Married Couples – Are you preparing for a wedding? Apart from taking care of things related to your big day later, are you thinking about decorating your bridal room later? Don’t miss it! Come on, take a peek at some of the arrangement tips below to make it even more romantic and sip!

No need to use an expensive budget.

Some of the wedding room decorations below can be made with minimal costs, really!

Even if it’s not a honeymoon to a faraway place, a romantic and intimate feel can be created at home.

Come on, see below!

Romantic Bedroom Ideas For Married Couples

1. Choose an Inviting Color Scheme

romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

Color, whether it’s on the walls of the bridal room, curtains, carpet, or others has an important role in determining the nuances.

In order not to paint the wrong one, first discuss the color that will be chosen with your partner.

You two can combine your favorite colors and then match them.

To make the room more romantic, try also using warm and inviting colors.

Examples such as burgundy, violet, or gold.

Don’t be too dominant if it looks flashy, just make it an accent on the wall or decoration.

2. Provide Additional Lighting in the Bridal Room

romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

The brightness of the main light in the room must be able to illuminate the room so that everything is clearly visible.

The right choice for this lamp is a white LED.

Place it in the center of the room either without or with a cover.

Well, don’t miss it to add additional lighting that is dimmer and warmer.

You can place a side lamp or an outboard lamp.

The romantic mood will radiate more if you use yellow lights.

3. Use a mosquito net on the bed

romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

Already know? A mosquito net placed at the top of the bed can add a sensual and romantic impression!

If you want, you can use it either by attaching it to the ceiling, making it a headboard, or using a canopy post.

The selected material should have a soft texture and fall.

Meanwhile, for colors, choose natural and plain ones so that they seem clean.

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4. Use Soft and Clean Sheets

romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

Every time you change sheets, blankets, and pillowcases, you will definitely feel a comfortable feeling.

This can also have a positive effect if you apply it to the mattress in the bridal room.

You and your partner will not be disturbed by the condition of the mattress and can rest more relaxed!

For example, you will use the sheets you just bought.

Don’t use it straight away without washing it! Because the smell of the new cloth will be more pungent.

In addition, the surface usually feels rougher.

5. Make the Bridal Room More Personal

romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

If the bridal room will become your permanent bedroom with your partner, you can start paying off the decorations before the wedding.

Add some personal decorations for you and your partner.

This can make you feel no stranger to a new atmosphere and room.

You can start installing photos from pre-wedding shoots on walls or shelves.

If there is a carpet or pillow that makes you comfortable from the previous room, that can also be a good choice.

Don’t forget, before placing it, make sure it’s in a clean condition, OK!

6. Implement Two Flavors

romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

Remember, after marriage, the room you sleep in belongs to the two of you.

That’s why when designing the room, don’t just consider personal taste.

Your partner’s opinions and desires must also participate in determining goods, designs, decorations, and other details.

In addition to discussing it, the two of you can also look for items to be placed in the bridal chamber together.

This is going to be a lot of fun for sure.

Hopefully the romantic bedroom ideas for married couples above are useful for you, OK!


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