5 Small Simple Bathroom Tiles Design, Unique & Anti-Mainstream

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Want a fresh bathroom atmosphere? Apply this small simple bathroom tiles design to get a unique and anti-mainstream atmosphere.

small simple bathroom tiles design

Want to have a bathroom with a fresher atmosphere? It’s very easy, just use tiles with unique and anti-mainstream motifs.

Well, some of these small simple bathroom tiles designs might be suitable for beautifying the appearance of your home bathroom.

The bathroom is often used as a place to unwind after a day of activities. You can soak in warm water for relaxation.

Well, of course, so that you are more comfortable while taking a shower or other activities, you need to design the bathroom to be fresher, one of which is choosing a suitable tile design.

Before choosing the right design, you have to make sure that the tile you choose must be non-slip with a slightly rough texture, so you don’t slip in the bathroom.

Well, if you are confused about choosing the right design, you can look for an alternative to the small simple bathroom tiles design that we will present especially for you.

What kind of tile motif can add a fresh atmosphere to your bathroom? Let’s take a peek at the following examples together.

Small Simple Bathroom Tiles Design

1. Chevron or Zigzag motif

small simple bathroom tiles design

This motif is quite popular because it looks quite unique. Generally, the chevron motif consists of two colors.

To give a fresh impression, you can choose several alternative colors, including green, blue, or teal.

From a psychological point of view, these three colors will give the impression of relaxation, so it is very suitable to be applied in the bathroom.

2. Moroccan motifs

small simple bathroom tiles design

Want to have a bathroom with an elegant and exotic look? You can use Moroccan ceramics that are already widely sold in the market with various beautiful motifs and colors.

So that the appearance of the bathroom is not too full, you can combine Moroccan tile floors with plain colored walls, such as white or cream.

Applying this small simple bathroom tiles design will definitely make you feel at home for long in the bathroom.

3. Fish Scale Motif

small simple bathroom tiles design

This motif is shaped like fish scales, you can often find it in Victorian architectural designs.

The appearance of the motif is quite unique and different from most motifs and is very suitable for bathroom accent walls.

To make it seem softer and softer, you can choose natural pastel colors.

4. Marble Motif

small simple bathroom tiles design

It is undeniable that the design of a simple small bathroom tile made of marble is still a favorite for most people for bathroom floor materials.

This marble motif will present a luxurious and special impression, like a five-star hotel bathroom.

This marble motif will display a luxurious atmosphere accompanied by a relaxed atmosphere, making it very suitable for use in bathroom designs.

Usually, this marble design is used for floors that blend with the walls.

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5. Wood Motif

small simple bathroom tiles design

Even though it has a wooden pattern, you don’t have to use real wood.

Because there are many ceramics that are deliberately presented with unique wood motifs and are more waterproof.

This wood motif will create a warm atmosphere in the bathroom.

You can choose tiles that are elongated in size like wood parquet, so they will look more natural.

Don’t forget to add an anti-slip layer, so it’s safer and doesn’t slip when wet.

There are so many small simple bathroom tiles designs that you can choose according to their respective themes. You can adjust the motif to the existing interior design. Also, note the advantages and disadvantages of each motif. then adjust to your needs.


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