5 Simple Bedroom Closet Design Ideas For A Narrow Space To Make It Look Broad

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Confused about placing a closet in a limited room space? Here are the simple bedroom closet design ideas that you make as options and solutions.

simple bedroom closet design ideas

One of the important elements in the design of the bedroom is the wardrobe.

Often the placement of this closet is a problem in itself, especially if the available space is not too wide.

However, all of this can be managed. The method? Let’s find some simple bedroom closet design ideas for narrow spaces here.

The existence of a wardrobe in the bedroom is a must.

In addition to storing clothes, wardrobes can also add to the aesthetic value of your bedroom.

There are many types of models and simple bedroom closet design ideas that you can apply to your bedroom.

Starting from minimalist wardrobes, wardrobes without doors, hanging cabinets, 1-door cabinets, built-in wardrobes, and others.

Then which wardrobe model is suitable for your bedroom? Let’s take a peek one by one of these various types of cabinets.

Simple Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

1. Minimalist Wardrobe Without Doors

simple bedroom closet design ideas

Cabinets with doors, maybe there are many types. But what about cabinets without doors? Maybe it will seem more unique and flexible. interested?

You can divide some parts for hanging parts, other parts for folding clothes, and other parts for other items.

This design can be said to be quite effective because it can be adjusted to the intensity and thickness of each.

For example, for a thick jacket it is more efficient if you hang it, while for a T-shirt, it is more efficient if you fold it or put it in a basket.

2. Neutral Color Wooden Cabinets Equipped with Mirrors

simple bedroom closet design ideas

Choosing a wardrobe is not only choosing the shape but also choosing the right color and layout.

It’s better for you to choose neutral-colored wooden cabinets, for example, white or cream to bring a clean atmosphere to the bedroom.

If you buy a cupboard with a size that is rather large, you should choose a cupboard that has a mirror.

The effect of the reflection of the object on the mirror will give a wider impression so that the bedroom space does not feel cramped and full.

3. Minimalist wardrobe with sliding doors

simple bedroom closet design ideas

Tired of standard wardrobe doors? You can try simple bedroom wardrobe design ideas with sliding doors.

With this sliding door model, it will be very helpful to be applied to bedrooms with limited space.

4. Hanging Wardrobe With Curtains

simple bedroom closet design ideas

In addition to a wardrobe with sliding doors, you can also apply a wardrobe with curtains.

This model is also very helpful to save space. You don’t need a lot of space when you want to open this wardrobe curtain.

In addition, the presence of curtains here can also serve as additional decorations that will beautify your bedroom space.

You even change the curtain, if you feel bored with the current curtain.

Of course, this will bring up a new atmosphere without having to buy a new wardrobe.

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5. Built-in Wardrobe With Wall

simple bedroom closet design ideas

To save space, you can also try simple bedroom closet design ideas with a built-in concept or a wardrobe concept that blends with the wall.

In addition to saving space, this design is also quite unique and aesthetic. The room space does not look too full and also looks tidier.

It’s just that to apply this concept, you need special planning because you have to give up certain parts that will be used as this wardrobe.

Those are some simple bedroom closet design ideas that you can apply according to your tastes and needs. You can choose a suitable design, or you can even combine several designs to create a custom wardrobe to your liking.


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