40 Example of Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls
two colour combination for bedroom walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls – Creating a bedroom that is comfortable and pleasing to the eye is the most important factor in a simple bedroom design. This is because the bedroom is the only room to relieve fatigue and a place to rest the body. No wonder many of the residents decorate it according to their personality. The choice of two-color bedroom paint can also be an interesting consideration.


For this reason, gmboel.com will take you to see the design inspiration for room paint color combinations that are suitable to be applied in spaces, especially bedrooms. Not only soft pastel color combinations, but bold colors also exist! Hope it can be useful!

Two colour combination for bedroom walls pictures

Paint Room Two Colors Dark and Light

two colour combination for bedroom walls
The combination of two-color bedroom paint, dark and light is indeed a safe thing for residents who want unusual colors in the room. The color olive green and soft green for example. This will add to the feel of the earth tone in the room more real. Suitable for residents who are happy with the design of unobtrusive room paint color combinations. Don’t forget to give light brown or black decorations to the furniture so that the room colors blend into a single unit.


Flag Color Theme

two colour combination for bedroom walls
Loving our own country is never wrong, let alone making the color of the flag apply to the two-color bedroom paint. This is very interesting! If you are afraid to look too flashy, you can use a maroon color that tends to be dark. Add decoration accessories such as carpets, bed lights, and also supportive bed linen colors. The red and white room is second to none. See other articles: low budget simple house design.


Shades of Blue and Green Tosca

two colour combination for bedroom walls
Bringing a dark atmosphere in the room turns out to be interesting for some people. Especially when used in the nuances of the bedroom, you are guaranteed to sleep more soundly. Two-color bedroom paint between green and turquoise can be an option. You will be taken to an atmosphere in a calm sea with the majority of the dominant blue color. In order not to seem monotonous, you can use black or dark gray on furniture and room decorations.


Gray and White Color Combination

two colour combination for bedroom walls
Two-color bedroom paint that is no less in the spotlight is gray and white. These two colors are like a match, wherever they are applied, they will match. Soft gray and clean white is suitable for use in minimalist and modern bedroom themes. In addition, also try to add white and gray furniture to the room, and a decorative carpet as a compliment. See other articles: best colour combination for house exterior.


Blue and white color combination

two colour combination for bedroom walls
The next room paint color combination design is white and blue. The clean white color is very suitable to be embedded with other colors because of its neutral nature. You can add accents of the two colors in the decoration of the room. This will make your bedroom more harmonious and pleasing to the eye.


Pink and Cream Color

two colour combination for bedroom walls
Want the bedroom to look feminine and soft? Of course, you should try a mix of pink and beige. This room paint color combination is a suitable choice because the impression that arises in these two calm colors is sweet. Add a rug with a soft color like gray so your room will be attractive. See other articles: chalet-style house.


Blue and Yellow

two colour combination for bedroom walls
The combination of blue and yellow is indeed for some people not a color in the bedroom. However, it turns out that these two colors are beautiful colors when combined in a child’s bedroom design. You can choose a sailor theme as a basic idea, add some typical sailor accessories such as a ship’s steering wheel and your child will definitely feel at home for a long time.


Pink and Green

two colour combination for bedroom walls
You can also apply a two-color bedroom paint between green and pink to the color of the walls in the bedroom. You can choose a combination of warm lime green and soft pink or bright colors to create a cheerful impression in the room. Combine with soft-colored items such as white or light gray, then your bedroom will be different from the others. See other articles: red room decor ideas.


Gray and Brown Alloy

two colour combination for bedroom walls
Children’s rooms can be applied with safe colors that are not flashy. Like a combination of light gray and light brown. These two soft colors are loved by children until they reach their teens. Combining gray and brown with a soft interior design, will make a child’s room last a long time and still look like a story.


Combination of Light Green and Beige

two colour combination for bedroom walls
You can also apply pastel green and cream colors to your room paint design. Perfect for those who are bored, with a color game that tends to be monotonous. With the color combination above, You are guaranteed to feel at home for a long time in the room. See other articles: best bedroom colors for couples.


Cream and White Blend

two colour combination for bedroom walls
For those of you who still want to change the paint color, without wanting to change the existing base color. You can combine room paint colors with contemporary motifs, such as beige and white. Don’t forget to add another color accent to the bedroom furniture! It will definitely create something new in your bedroom atmosphere.


Combination of Magenta and Dark Grey

two colour combination for bedroom walls
Well, for you lovers of dark colors, there is a choice of magenta and dark gray colors. These two colors can be applied to a two-color bedroom paint and make the atmosphere dim and dark. Suitable for those of you who like to play games, and have a complete rest in the room. A dim room can increase the intensity of your sleep better. See other articles: modern 2 story house.


How? Interesting isn’t it? By choosing the right room paint color combination design, a comfortable bedroom will be created. Always use wall paint that has proven quality so that it is durable and not easily damaged.


Update: two colour combination for bedroom walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls

two colour combination for bedroom walls

7 Tips for Playing Decorative Pattern for the Bedroom

room pattern
Room pattern – It’s fun to add a combination of patterns and colors to decorate the room. Sometimes when you want to add wallpaper, you are afraid that it will be difficult to combine with other patterns.


Actually, you can still combine various patterns in the room and the results still look beautiful.


Combining colors and patterns is not easy, but not impossible. By following the method given by Gmboel below, you will not fail again in mixing and matching patterns to complementary accessories in the room.


To avoid a tacky result when using multiple patterns and patterns in a room, follow these few steps.


1. Choose at least 3 patterns

room pattern
You can also apply odd numbers for pattern combinations. Try to use at least three patterns to liven up your room. However, to create an okay visually, there must be a variation in the size of the chosen pattern.


You have to be careful in choosing the first pattern because this pattern is the strongest and largest in the room. The second pattern should be half the size of the first pattern. Try the second pattern the same color as the first pattern.


The third pattern may be similar to the first or second pattern. You can try using a secondary color from the previous patterns. If you still want to add a pattern, you should choose a very small one only as a compliment.


2. Use the same color intensity

room pattern
Mixing patterns has the potential to make your room look crowded and tacky. To avoid this, don’t mix pastels with base colors, or with strong gem colors.


Various combinations of different patterns will look good if they have colors of the same intensity.


3. Play with cloth

room pattern
You are aware, right, that cloth not only has color but also has texture? Therefore, all fabrics have their own character.


People usually associate the jacquard fabric with something formal, while the plaid pattern category is informal. On the other hand, floral print fabrics are playful and light.


If you can combine textures, patterns, and characters, your room will look even more fun!


4. Combine the basic white color with a colorful pattern

room pattern
One of the easiest ways to combine patterns is to choose white as a background that brings together various patterns and colors.


Whatever color and pattern you choose, whether it’s stripes, polka dots, chevron, or flowers, it won’t look so tacky if the base color is white.


5. Think about the effect

room pattern
Patterns can affect the atmosphere in a room. Do not choose a pattern that makes you feel cramped. Choose a motif based on the emotion that evokes when you see it.


Please choose a large pattern if you want to make the room look neat and harmonious. The combination of patterns is important in terms of size as well. If you want to make one side of the room stand out, choose a small pattern. 


FYI, a full pattern will increase energy, while a rare and soft pattern will give a calming effect making it perfect for a bedroom.


6. Tone-on-tone colors

room pattern
In recent years, the color tone on tone or manipulate the general color by adding color saturation in the interior through the use of materials and textures. This will create variety and make it look interesting.


Use various shades of brown, gray, and white, for example. Then try to mix and match your favorite patterns. It’s guaranteed to be easier because the color gradations are the same even though the colors and patterns are different.


Choose 1-2 pieces of equipment that use a large pattern, then choose a smaller, tighter pattern on the rest of the furniture.


7. Distribute the pattern evenly

room pattern
Distribute the pattern evenly throughout the room. If the patterns only gather on one side of the room, then the room will look unbalanced.


You can spread the base colors and patterns evenly so they look pleasing to the eye. Also make sure that other elements in the room, such as wall panels or other decorations, have patterns that connect with the main pattern in the room.


It turns out that it is not difficult to combine several types of different shades in the bedroom, right? You only need to pay attention to the size of the pattern and the color play.


Now you can decorate your room like an interior designer!


Ready to remodel your room?


UPDATE: Bedroom Paint Two Colors

bedroom paint two colors
The room feels monotonous with only 1 color? Start being creative with a matching 2-color bedroom wall paint.


One of the challenges in providing a variety of color touches to the room is the selection of the scheme which is quite difficult.


Not all colors can be combined harmoniously because combining colors has its own technique.


For the combination of 2 colors, the technique commonly used is the complementary combination technique; combine opposite colors.


No need to bother thinking about it, here are color combination ideas that you can try!


Two Color Bedroom Paint Combination

1. Combination of Dark Blue and White

bedroom paint two colors
The combination of dark blue and white can create a calming atmosphere in the room.


Considering that blue is a cold color, it can give a cold and quiet effect at the same time.


White serves to emphasize the blue accent and gives the room a spacious impression.


2. Bedroom Wall Paint 2 Dark Brown and Beige Colors

bedroom paint two colors
Dark brown and beige colors are very harmonious combined to present an elegant, luxurious, and soft atmosphere at the same time.


This color combination will be more beautiful if it is supported by choosing the right room interior.


For example, the use of wood panel floors and white furniture.


3. Lavender and Off-White

bedroom paint two colors
Is the same color as lavender leaves, still included in the purple hue.


While pale white is a color that is close to a bright natural white color.


This color combination can bring a calming atmosphere and is very helpful for improving sleep quality.


4. Light Blue and Bright Yellow

bedroom paint two colors
The combination of light blue and yellow can be said to be a striking color combination, representing brightness and happiness.


It is suitable for those of you who want to bring a cheerful and vibrant feel to the room.


This color combination is also proven to be able to make the room feel more spacious.


5. Paint the Walls of Room 2 Gray

bedroom paint two colors
The color gray is a favorite of many people because it is a neutral color and is very easy to match.


Use 2 colors dark gray and light gray, to bring a classy atmosphere and monochromatic gradations.


It is suitable for those of you who like simplicity and practicality.


6. Burgundy and Cream

bedroom paint two colors
The burgundy and beige colors create an attractive, unique, and luxurious color combination.


A touch of burgundy color is closely related to the upper class or the elite because it is often associated with a symbol of power.


The beige color is combined to provide balance due to its neutral nature.


7. Shades of Purple

bedroom paint two colors
Love the color purple? You can create a purple room with 2 colors.


Choose two colors in the purple spectrum, for example, dark color and a light color.


Purple is considered to have a calming effect and inspire creativity.


8. Bedroom Wall Paint 2 Pink and White Colors

bedroom paint two colors
The matching pink color combined with white is one that is not too bright, more towards pastel colors.


This color combination can provide a calming and comfortable atmosphere.


Given that pink is a warm color, you can also feel the warmth of this color combination.


9. Combination of Lime Green and Pink Colors

bedroom paint two colors
Lime green and pink are two colors that go very well together, giving off a youthful and energetic feel.


This color combination is perfect for those of you who are active in activities because the colors give you enthusiasm.


Especially in the morning, waking up in the morning will be more passionate.


10. Light Brown and Gray Green

bedroom paint two colors
Not all rooms have to have eye-catching colors, some are designed to look wider with the right color combination.


One of them is with a combination of light brown and grayish-green; two colors that may not look attractive, but give a thick natural feel.



This color combination can make your room feel relieved and calming.



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