4 Steps How to Remove Mold From Basement Walls

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Wall fungus is a “mortal enemy” for homeowners in humid weather conditions. The fungus is spread by spores that float in the air and grows well in humid, warm environments and places that do not have air ventilation, so there is no good air circulation.

There are many consequences that can be caused by wall fungus, ranging from making the house look bad, the smell is strong, to the risk of the mold spores smelling and poisoning the health of you and your family. Of course you don’t want this to happen, do you? Therefore, if your house is already infested with wall fungus, here are 4 steps to get rid of it!

how to remove mold from basement walls

1. Make a solution of carbolic acid & water with a ratio of 1 carbolic acid: 3 water

how to remove mold from basement walls

The first step that must be done is to collect the basic ingredients to make a wall mold removal solution. The materials needed are carbolic acid which is commonly used to mop floors and plain water. If you are running out of carbolic acid, laundry detergent can also be used as an alternative to carbolic acid.

For the dose, use a 1:3 ratio with 1 cup of carbolic acid balanced with 3 cups of water. With this, you will save more expenses on carbolic acid, but still have a large quantity because it is mixed with plain water. Stir well until the two liquids are mixed.

2. Spray on the Moldy Wall Area

Spray on the Moldy Wall Area

The second step, spray the mixed solution onto the moldy wall. Spray thoroughly, making sure there are no parts that are not exposed to the splash of the solution so that the final result is more leverage. In addition, don’t forget to spray from a distance so that the splash of the solution is wider and more evenly distributed. Read alsoHow to soundproof your house from outside noise.

3. Scrub the wall with a brush or rag

Scrub the wall with a brush or rag

After spraying with a solution of carbolic acid and water, scrub the walls with a brush that has stiff bristles so that the mold can fall off quickly. If you don’t have a brush with stiff bristles, you can also use a lint-free cloth as an alternative.

Do not rub the brush or cloth too vigorously. Why? Because this is at risk of damaging the paint on the walls of your house. However, if mold is stuck to the tile, you can rub it more vigorously as the tile won’t peel off.

4. Rinse And Dry

Rinse And Dry

The final step to getting rid of mold in your home is to rinse it with water and dry it again, either with a dry cloth or with the help of a chamois. Rinse and don’t forget to clean the brush or cloth used to scrub the wall fungus. Read alsohow to design a house like an architect.

That’s how to remove mold from basement walls, hopefully it’s useful, thank you.


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