4 Korean Home Decorations, Simple and Aesthetic

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Korean home decorations

Korean home decorations – Korean popular culture now not only revolves around music and drama, but also extends to things like culinary, fashion, and home interiors.

Yes, along with the popularity of Korean dramas, Korean interior home decorations are increasingly popular.

The reason is, that the interior style of this one house offers a minimalist and aesthetic appearance, making it pleasing to the eye and instagramable.

4 Korean Home Decorations

Want your house to look like a Korean drama? Come on, let’s look at some examples of Korean interior home decorations below. Who knows, there are ideas you can pick up!

Optimal lighting

Korean home decorations

Korean-style home interiors are synonymous with optimal natural lighting. This can be obtained through windows, doors, or skylights that can enter natural light into the house.

In the interior of the house above, the owner uses a sliding door or large window that fills the entire side of the wall, so that the incoming light will illuminate the contents of the house to the maximum.

If the sun is too bright, there are thin white curtains that can reduce the intensity of light without sacrificing the lighting in the house. See other articles: Korean room aesthetic.

Simple wooden furniture

Korean home decorations

Almost the same as Japanese or Scandinavian home interiors, Korean interior styles also like the use of wooden furniture with simple designs.

The wooden furniture used in Korean interior home decorations generally has a bright light brown color, as shown in the picture.

In addition, white furniture is also often used to complement the light brown color in the room. As a result, the impression of a warm and simple room is created.

Neutral colors

Korean home decorations

Neutral and other soft colors are also often used in Korean interior home decorations. The use of neutral and soft colors will help maintain a simple and bright impression in the house.

The interior of the house above uses a light gray sofa, chairs, and carpet. Because it is a neutral color, the gray color in this room blends well with the combination of white and brown that dominates the room.

Don’t forget to choose furniture with a low height to match the Korean interior style. See other articles: Korean bedroom design.

The kitchen is clean and minimalist

Korean home decorations

A kitchen that is arranged in a minimalist style will make the kitchen look clean and tidy. Fortunately, because the Korean interior style carries a minimalist concept, you can use this style to create a clean kitchen look. See other articles: l shaped kitchen designs photo gallery.

Just use a simple kitchen layout, for example, an L shape like in the kitchen above. Use warm neutral colors like white and light brown. Then, minimize the items that are on the table surface so that the kitchen interior looks neat and beautiful.


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