Download GB WhatsApp Pro App (WA GB) v9.45, v13.75 Latest 2023

Download GB WhatsApp Pro App

Download GB WhatsApp Pro App (WA GB) v9.45, v13.75 - Who is an Android user who doesn't use the WhatsApp application? Of course, this messenger application is already installed on your smartphone and has been used every day. It's no wonder that sending messages is a major need today, especially whatever you want to chat with family, friends, spouse, work colleagues, or others will be very effective and fast if sent via messaging applications such as WhatsApp. The reason behind its popularity is the ease of use and features that WhatsApp provides.

Even now many third-party developers are building a modified form of WhatsApp which comes with many advanced features and functionality. One of them is GB WhatsApp, which includes a modified application that has the same function as the original WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp offers a variety of additional features that are not in the original version. The GB WhatsApp application is fairly unofficial and is not provided in official application stores such as the Google Play Store.

You can download the application directly through a third-party service, namely a site or web browser that provides a download link for the GB WhatsApp application. Just like using the official WhatsApp, this application also works with the same function. You can even use more features and of course, it will make WhatsApp GB more useful for communicating with friends and relatives.

What is GB WhatsApp (WA GB) Application?

GB WhatsApp or often referred to as WA GB is a modified version of the official WhatsApp application. As a MOD version of the application, you cannot find WA GB on the Google Play Store, but you can install this application by downloading the app file via a web browser or an external app. A third-party developer from WA GB wants to build WhatsApp with a modified version, aiming to provide a new experience for users by offering additional features that the original WhatsApp does not have. You can also install the WA GB application without uninstalling your original WhatsApp.

WA GB has become a very popular MOD app among Android users, because of the many features that users want. WA GB allows users to explore many features such as auto-reply, extra privacy options, customize themes and fonts, send more large files, add more emojis, and much more. Generally, you can customize your WA GB application in terms of features and appearance. The latest version of GB WhatsApp claims to be safe, anti-banned, and very responsive.

Latest GB WhatsApp (WA GB) Features

There are lots of very useful features when you use WA GB. Some of these features include the following:

1. Support multiple accounts

The main feature that is important for users on GB WhatsApp is that it supports multiple accounts. You can manage all accounts in just one app, this is very useful for those of you who want to have multiple accounts. This is also one of the reasons for the popularity of GB WhatsApp in the market.

2. Complete privacy control

This is one of the important features of GB WhatsApp. In this modified version of the application, you will have the ability to set privacy more advanced. It allows you total control over the application, and you can also make whether your availability is visible or not. The privacy settings that users can manage include: Being Online (Status), Double Click, Bluetick, Microphone settings, Recording status, Typing status, and Message scheduling.

3. DND mode

DND mode is one of the features that you can use on GB WhatsApp. This refers to the 'Do Not Disturb' mode, you can use it when you want the internet and access WhatsApp on your device without being noticed online or by hiding blue ticks.

4. Schedule messages or auto-cancel

With ease, you can schedule messages to be sent to specific contacts of your choosing, or broadcast messages to all your contacts at specific times. You can write the message you want to send, select the time and date, then confirm to schedule. This feature is often used by users to reply to messages automatically.

5. Sending large files

Maybe you've sent large files on your basic WhatsApp, but it's very limited there and doesn't support sending large files. Unlike on GB WhatsApp, you can use it to send unlimited photos, videos, or music, so it will be easier for you, and can send any file according to your needs.

6. Send files uncompressed

There will be no compression when you send your quality files with GB WhatsApp. This is different from the original WhatsApp, where when you send a photo or video directly, you will find that the quality of the file changes to low. This of course makes you feel annoyed because you have to send it repeatedly by sending documents. Unlike GB WhatsApp, which can uncompress sent files to ensure the quality of your original files is maintained.

7. Improve chat security

The Chat Security feature or chat security is a top priority for most WhatsApp users, in this basic application, you can't find it. However, GB WhatsApp makes this feature real and can be used as per your requirement. This chat or chat security feature you can use when you don't want someone to see your messages while they are using your phone.

This feature will allow WhatsApp to block messages in your chat thread, one by one or all of them. This will protect the chat with a passcode and ensure all your messages remain private.

8. More theme customization

Of all the features available on GB WhatsApp, this is one of the most popular features. This feature allows you to customize the theme from the menu to the chat screen. GB WhatsApp has made the features of Themes and Emojis amazingly numerous and attractive to apply in any fashion you want. It also makes it look aesthetically pleasing and provides a more pleasant user experience.

9. Many font choices

The feature of choosing fonts from various types is also available on GB WhatsApp. This will make GB WhatsApp users not bored with the same basic fonts. Chat experience via chat with friends will be more fun and colorful by adjusting the selected favorite font.

10. Filter messages

With GB WhatsApp, you can use the message filter feature which allows you to select all chats from multiple messages at once. Apart from that, you can also easily delete some chats that you want to delete.

11. Apply themes from other users

Another very prominent feature of GB WhatsApp is that you can get themes created by other users from this application. You can own and apply these themes in your apps for free.

12. Manage app notifications

The GB WhatsApp app also allows you to get a notification feature when a friend of your WhatsApp contacts changes their profile picture. You can also customize the notification pop-up settings. You can hide pop-up notifications from your main screen, this can also be done when you don't want other users to know you are using a modified version of WhatsApp.

13. Hide status on WA

Furthermore, you can also hide status messages that you are online when reading messages from friends or just opening WhatsApp. This feature can hide or change online status to other WhatsApp users, they will not know when you are online or offline. GB WhatsApp will help you feel comfortable when you don't want to be disturbed by friends by managing your message status settings.

14. Anti banned

So far, the GB WhatsApp application has been claimed to be safe to use, even helping users who want better chat privacy security. Although it is a modified application from the official WhatsApp version, GB WhatsApp provides an anti-ban feature, which keeps users comfortable and safe whenever they use the application.

Download the link for the latest WA GB Application 2022

GB WhatsApp is one of the modified WhatsApp applications, which has been used by millions of users. You will greatly benefit from using this application because it provides interesting features and more than the original WhatsApp application in general. The GB WhatsApp application supports almost all types of Android devices. In addition, you need to know that WA GB has various variants and versions developed by various developers, including the following:

Note: We are not developers of the GB WhatsApp application. We are not responsible if there is a problem with your device after using the GB WhatsApp application. We recommend downloading the WhatsApp application which is guaranteed to be safe and legal in official application stores such as the Google Play Store and the App Store.

1. Download the Latest WA GB by FouadMods

GB WhatsApp from Fouad Mods is the most popular and sought-after version of WhatsApp MOD. This MOD is perfect for those of you who want to install more than one WhatsApp application on a smartphone. You will find lots of advanced features in this MOD application. Some of them are theme and font personalization, message scheduling, hide status, anti-delete status, and messages, etc.

And here's the download link for the latest WA GB app version of FouadMods that you can access easily and for free!

Download WA GB App v9.45 

2. Download the Latest GB WhatsApp by Sam Mods

GB WhatsApp developed by Sam Mods Team is also no less interesting than other versions of GB WhatsApp. Several interesting features are also continuously added in the current version, including custom background color for text status, voice icon color, multi-account, message scheduling, automatic replies, broadcast to groups, and others.

And here's the download link for the latest WA GB app version of Sam Mods that you can access easily and for free!

Download WA GB App v13.75 

3. Download the Latest GB WhatsApp by HeyMods

GB WhatsApp developed by HeyMods Team is the most frequently updated version of WhatsApp MOD compared to other WhatsApp modders. Not inferior to other WhatsApp MODs, GB WhatsApp offered by HeyMods Team also offers a number of extra features that are not in the official version.

Here's the download link for WA GB from HeyMods Team that you can access easily and quickly:

Download WA GB App v21.20.0 

From the WA GB variants and versions developed by several development teams, you are free to choose which one you like and according to your needs.

Note: If the WA GB application we share fails to install, please report it via the comments column provided. We will update it as soon as possible.

How to Install GB WhatsApp on Android Phones

For WhatsApp Official, you can directly download the application from the Google Play Store. But this is different from GB WhatsApp, you need to prepare a few things to be able to install GB WhatsApp on your Android phone. For that, we explain in detail how to install GB WA on your cellphone so that it is successful and can be used properly. Check out the steps below!

1. Prepare the WA GB app file

To be able to install the WA GB application, of course, you need to prepare the application first. Because WA GB is a MOD version modified by a third-party developer, of course, you can't download it from the Google Play Store. Through the link we provided above, you can choose the WA GB version you want and download it from your HP or PC browser.

After the WA GB app file has been downloaded, make sure you know the location of the file storage. If you download it from a cellphone, then usually the location of the app file is in the "Download" folder on the internal memory. The save location may be different if you have previously changed the default of the save location setting.

2. Enable third-party app install permissions

After you have prepared the application, the next step is to activate permissions to install applications from third parties or install unknown applications. This is necessary because WA GB is identified as a third-party application that is not sourced from the Google Play Store. To enable app install permissions, please follow the steps below.

  1. First, open the Settings menu on your Android phone.
  2. Scroll down, then find and select the Biometrics and Security menu.
  3. Then select the “Install unknown apps” feature.
  4. Because later you want to install the WA GB application from the File Manager, then you can activate the "My Files" application permissions.
  5. If you use other apps, then you can customize them.
  6. Slide the blue toggle to enable permissions.
  7. If so, you can exit the menu.
  8. Done.

The location of the application install permissions may be slightly different on each smartphone. So you need to adjust it.

3. Disable the Google Play Protect feature

On some smartphones that have a fairly strict security level, you need to disable Google Play Protect which blocks third-party applications like GB WhatsApp. If not, then you will not be able to successfully install GB WhatsApp. To disable it, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Android phone.
  2. Scroll down, then find and select the Biometrics and Security menu.
  3. Then proceed by selecting the Google Play Protect feature.
  4. After that, tap the Settings menu icon in the upper right corner of Google Play Protect on your cellphone.
  5. Then turn off the “Scan apps with Play Protect” and “Increase detection of malicious apps” features.
  6. If so, you can exit the menu.
  7. Done.

4. Install the app

If you have configured the application install permissions and you have disabled the Google Play Protect feature. Now, you are ready to install the WA GB application on your cellphone. Check out the steps to install the WA GB application below.

  1. Open the “File Manager” or “My files” application that has been set in the application install permissions access in the previous step.
  2. Then open Internal Storage, or go directly to the Downloads or Downloads folder.
  3. If you put the WA GB app file in a different location, then you can adjust it.
  4. Tap the WA GB app file to go to the application installation page.
  5. Tap the Install button to start the app install process.
  6. If a Play Protect pop-up appears later, tap DENY.
  7. Wait for a few moments until the installation process is complete and successfully run.
  8. After that tap Done.
  9. Done.

5. Application ready to use

After the WA GB application is successfully installed on your cellphone. Now, you can use it right away by opening and entering your active phone number. How to use WA GB is not much different from WhatsApp Official. Listen and follow the steps below.

  1. Open the WA GB application on your cellphone.
  2. You can choose to Restore your data or Agree and Continue.
  3. Enter your active phone number.
  4. Wait for the verification code sent by WhatsApp via SMS message.
  5. Enter the verification code you received in the available WA GB column.
  6. Then fill in other required data.
  7. WA GB is ready for you to use.
  8. Done.

More WhatsApp MOD Apps

In addition to the list of WA GB applications that we described above, there are still many types of the largest WhatsApp MOD applications on the internet. The WhatsApp MOD application has similar features that are not much different from WA GB. And here's a list of other WhatsApp MOD applications that you might choose;

  1. Yo WhatsApp
  2. FM WhatsApp
  3. MB WhatsApp
  4. AND WhatsApp
  5. Cocoa WhatsApp
  6. GB WA Transparent
  7. Fouad WhatsApp
  8. WhatsApp MA
  9. WhatsApp Prime
  10. WhatsApp Plus
  11. WhatsApp Clone
  12. WhatsApp Aero
  13. Soula WhatsApp Line

In addition to the list above, it is possible that in the future a new WhatsApp MOD will appear again with a much more impressive name and features than the current WhatsApp MOD.

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Dangers of Downloading MOD Applications

Although it comes with many features and advantages, MOD applications also have risks that need to be watched out for. We are not responsible if there are problems with your account and device if there are problems after using the MOD application. Here are some things you need to be aware of when installing and using MOD applications;

  • Permanent block – The first and most common risk when using a MOD application is being banned or permanently blocked from the registered account or phone number. This can happen because the company can monitor abnormal activity on the application or user id. If caught, the account can be permanently banned, and can no longer access the application.
  • Viruses and malware – Since this is a modified application (MOD), there is no guarantee that this application is free of viruses and malware. After installing the app, try to run a scan to reduce security risks to the device.
  • Privacy is threatened – The risk of data theft, such as phone numbers, user IDs, message history, contact list, media and more can also occur when you use MOD applications.
  • Adware – Some MOD applications usually also display a number of ads in certain parts of the application. The goal, of course, is to benefit from the modified application.


MOD applications such as GB WhatsApp (WA GB) can be the best choice for those of you who are bored with the basic features of the original WhatsApp. Some of the extra features presented by GB WhatsApp allow you to connect and communicate with other people more optimally. Moreover, with more flexible display customization, it can also make it easier for you to change themes, fonts, background colors, and others. Download WA GB now and enjoy all the features and conveniences it offers.

How to solve GB WhatsApp expired?

If you experience problems after installing GB WhatsApp which says WhatsApp is expired, it means you need to update the GB WhatsApp application on your cellphone. Delete the application on your cellphone, then replace it with a newer version.

How to solve the GB WhatsApp package conflict with the existing package?

To resolve conflicting packages, you need to delete the official WhatsApp application on your cellphone. But before that, back up your data first. Then try to reinstall the GB WhatsApp.

Is GB WhatsApp available on Google Play Store?

No, GB WhatsApp is a MOD application, modified by a third-party developer which is certainly not available on the Google Play Store. You can find GB WhatsApp on third-party application download sites that are not affiliated with the Google Play Store or WhatsApp company.

Is GB WhatsApp available for iPhone (iOS)?

No, GB WhatsApp is not available for iPhone (iOS). iOS itself has very strict privacy and security regulations for installing applications. So that developers and users should not arbitrarily modify and install applications.

Is GB WhatsApp available for PC and laptop devices?

No, GB WhatsApp is not available for PC or laptop devices. You can only enjoy GB WhatsApp on Android devices only.

How to download GB WhatsApp on iPhone (iOS)?

You can download GB WhatsApp via the Safari browser on your iPhone. Next, you can send the WA GB app file to your Android cellphone for installation.

Is GB WhatsApp safe to use?

There is no guarantee that GB WhatsApp is safe to use. But so far, there are a lot of GB WhatsApp users and there are no complaints about privacy and security when using GB WhatsApp.

How to download GB WhatsApp on an Android phone?

You can download GB WhatsApp via the Chrome browser on your Android phone by clicking the download button that we provide above. You will switch to another page to download the WA GB app file easily and quickly.

How to download GB WhatsApp on a PC or laptop?

You can download GB WhatsApp via the browser installed on your PC or laptop by clicking the “Download” button that we provided above. You will switch to another page to download the WA GB app file easily and quickly.

How to update GB WhatsApp?

Keep an eye on our site to get the latest version of GB WhatsApp from third-party developers. If there is a newer version, you can first back up your data on your current GB WhatsApp. Delete the old version from your GB WhatsApp, then install it with the latest version of GB WhatsApp. Then re-import the data that you have backed up.

Will my number be blocked if using GB WhatsApp?

No, the latest GB WhatsApp version on average already has an anti-banned feature. So, you don't have to worry about your cellphone number being blocked.

Does GB WhatsApp need root access?

No, you don't need root access to install and use GB WhatsApp. So, you don't need to bother rooting your cellphone to download and install GB WhatsApp on your cellphone.