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5 Low Budget Modern 2 Bedroom House Design Inspiration


Limited land is no longer a problem in spatial planning in residential areas. Now there is a modern low budget 2 bedroom house design that you can try.

low budget modern 2 bedroom house design

The 2 bedroom house is the ideal residence for a new family.

However, planning sometimes takes a lot of considerations, such as convenience, effectiveness, and cost savings.

Well, let's take a peek at a modern low budget 2 bedroom house design that might suit your needs.

Types 21, 30, 36 to 45 are the types of houses that are suitable for implementing the 2 bedroom minimalist home design concept.

However, careful planning is still needed, so that all space divisions can be more comfortable and also still feel wider.

Well, if you're looking for low-budget modern 2 bedroom house design inspiration to make it more effective and efficient, let's just take a look at some of the references below.

Low Budget Modern 2 Bedroom House Design

1. Spacious and Modern Minimalist 2 Bedroom House Design

low budget modern 2 bedroom house design

If you have land that is still quite loose, then you can apply this design.

Each room is made somewhat free in size, especially for 2 bedrooms.

That way, every room will feel more spacious and also still look elegant in a modern home style.

2. Minimalist 2 Bedroom House Design equipped with a Terrace

low budget modern 2 bedroom house design

This time, you designed the concept of a minimalist house with 2 bedrooms which are also equipped with a terrace.

This design will feel more special because you can still relax with your family with this additional terrace.

For alternative colors, you can use the dominant white color so that this compact minimalist concept is more clearly visible.

In this design, you can add space that can meet other needs.

For example, two bathrooms, then the placement of an open kitchen that becomes one with the family room and dining room.

That way, the room still looks spacious and efficient.

3. Minimalist 2 Bedroom Home Design with Luxurious Nuance

low budget modern 2 bedroom house design

If you want to create a minimalist home that gives the impression of luxury, then this low-budget modern 2 bedroom house design idea might be an option for you.

You can present this luxurious feel by choosing a neutral wall paint color.

Then you can also design a kitchen island in which there is a kitchen room with a minibar, then connected to a family room equipped with a wall TV.

So that the feel of the room also looks luxurious, you can use wood material for the floor or you can also use marble with a warm brown color.

4. Minimalist 2 Bedroom House Design with Open Plan Concept

low budget modern 2 bedroom house design

Have limited land, but want to still present a room with a broad impression? Maybe this open-plan house concept can be the right alternative.

This design will help you to get a spacious and comfortable room, and also save space.

One way is to combine several functions of space into one.

You can combine the living room, dining room, and kitchen room.

These three spaces are arranged without a partition so that they will actually feel more spacious without compromising the sense of comfort in it.

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5. 2 Bedroom Minimalist House Plan with Many Windows

low budget modern 2 bedroom house design

With limited land, proper planning will result in a house design that is far from narrow and cramped.

One way is to multiply minimalist windows with a size large enough, so that sunlight can enter more freely so that the house seems wider.

Some rooms can also be combined, for example, the kitchen and dining room to make it more efficient.

That way, you can present two bedrooms with a wider and more spacious size.

Those are some low-budget modern 2 bedroom house design inspirations that you can make as an option. You can adjust the design according to the needs of your small family.