8 Home Lighting Decorations That Are Trending

home decoration lighting design

home decoration lighting design - Light decoration is one of the key architectural and design elements in the house. Like fashion, this lighting source also has a trend that changes with the times. Examples such as the following eight lamp designs.

home decoration lighting design

Nature Inspired

home decoration lighting design

A trend forum in Germany some time ago predicted that the trend of lighting decorations that are now very popular is elemental and inspired by nature. Not only shape, but also has a natural color spectrum. Examples such as the shape of leaves, plant motifs, rocks, or soothing colors like water.

Mentioned, the decoration of lights that contain natural elements in it will soften the feel of a cold room. This lamp is also suitable to be combined with a contemporary nuanced room and a plain room.


home decoration lighting design

In recent times, industrial design trends have grown to include decorative lighting. Lamps with this design have a rich pattern and can be matched with various styles. Lighting with industrial style can be used all the time because it has a unique characteristic.

It will be very fitting if you combine industrial-style lamps with a rustic interior design. A warm impression will radiate very clearly from the combination of these two styles in the room. You can also see our other articles : decorative trees indoor.

Nautical nuance

home decoration lighting design

Navy colors or those related to the sea are included in one of the home decor trends this year. The lamp decoration with this color spectrum has also become popular with many people, especially when combined with the nautical style.

One of the decorative lamp designs that can be chosen is the one that has a slanted lampshade. You can see an example in the image above.

Geometric Shapes

home decoration lighting design

Lamps with geometric shaped covers are one of the trends that are still hot from the beginning of the year until now. The geometric shape of this lamp reflects the aesthetic value of minimalism. In addition to modern room designs, this shape lamp is also very suitable for contemporary interiors. The main key to the use of this lamp is simple. You can also see our other articles : picture of a bedroom.

Forged Metal

home decoration lighting design

Lamps in the form of pendant plates and chandeliers made of metal have often been used in many home interiors for a long time. This is still continuing this year. Because everyone's lighting and decoration needs are different, the designs of these lamps are getting more and more developed.

Customized Color

home decoration lighting design

Customized color lamps or lamps whose colors can be adjusted to the wishes of the homeowner are predicted to be more and more sought after by people. In addition to its unique design, this lamp also has satisfactory lighting quality.

A crystal table lamp as in the example picture above has the ability to change colors according to people's moods. Starting from the cold to warm color spectrum can be set in such a way. You can also see our other articles : how to make fertilizer from kitchen waste.

Metallic Color

home decoration lighting design

Metallic colors with warm touches such as brass, bronze, and gold are back in trend. This also applies to home lighting decoration. Not only does it look attractive, its usefulness that can be combined with various designs makes this color metal lamp even more popular. Just look at the example in the picture above, it's very eye-catching, isn't it?

Designer Made

home decoration lighting design

Handcrafted items that add an authentic feel to various rooms in the house are now very popular with many people. Homeowners can achieve that look and style by combining recycled materials, vintage accents, and fresh modern touches into something new. One example is a lamp like the example picture above. You can also see our other articles : pictures of houses.

How, have you got inspiration for your home lights? Hopefully this article is useful for you.