7 Natural Village Homes Designs, Make You Want to Move!

village homes design

village homes design - Have you ever imagined living away from the hustle and bustle of the city? If you can live in a residence with a natural village style homes decorated with various hanging plants, you can definitely have a maximum quality of life. Every day, you can breathe fresh air that is free from pollution and look at the beauty of nature. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are starting to plan for retirement to live in village homess.

Well, Lians is sure you will also be tempted, right to enjoy the beautiful and cool natural atmosphere in a village homes? You have to be fast or move quickly to choose the dream village homes design for the future so you don't miss the others. Come on, just check out the seven village homes designs chosen by Lians below!

village homes design

1. Village Homes with Modern Style

village homes design

When you think of a village homes, don't immediately have the image that the appearance of a village homes must be rickety, aka like a hut that is unfit for habitation. In fact, a dream homes with a natural rustic style can still take a modern approach, you know! Choose a modern minimalist village homes style with only a white color palette. When coupled with the dominance of wood materials, the style of a village homes is sure to make you pangling!

2. Natural Cottage for Maximum Chill

village homes design

Next, there is a modern village homes style with a cottage concept that is worth ogling. Don't forget to take advantage of the front of the homes that can be filled with furniture to relax, such as a patio table, patio chairs, or even a comfortable swing feature. One of the advantages of this village homes style lies in the very functional part of the terrace of the homes.

3. The Tropical Feel of a Village Homes

village homes design

There is another village homes design with a tropical touch that is really goals! The design of this village homes is very synonymous with a very natural Balinese homes. Accompanied by the green open courtyard, the arrangement of the village homess is divided between private and public spaces that can be shared. Not to forget, the presence of a path between homess made of natural stone also enhances this village homes. 

4. Small but Maximum Village Homes

village homes design

For inspiration for this one village homes, there is a simple dwelling that is not too big and has no area restrictions. Pictures of simple homess with concepts like this are rarely found in homess in big cities. Although small, this village homes looks very beautiful thanks to the presence of a slick exterior platform, an open-space concept with access to natural lighting, air ventilation, plus simple but versatile furniture. Can you imagine how fun it would be to live in a modern style village homes like this? 

5. Multi-storey Village Homes, Plus Facilities

village homes design

If Lians invites wishful thinking, who doesn't want to have a big homes in the style of a natural village homes, plus facilities such as a private swimming pool? Well, the inspiration for this terraced village homes is present in the middle of shady trees and is equipped with all the dream facilities. If you don't like swimming pools, that's okay too, you know, the village homes is combined with a fish pond to channel your hobbies.

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6. Village Homes in the style of Kuta Bali

village homes design

The inspiration for this village homes is borrowing one of the accommodations in Bali which is really cool. A truly traditional and natural style makes this village homes quite unique with a sloping roof made of palm fiber and thatch, plus a simple front porch. Also pay attention to the selection of authentic and old-school decorations to make it more fitting and feel comfortable. 

7. Modern and Natural Blend of Village Homes

village homes design

Once again, don't equate a village homes with an uncomfortable old-fashioned residence. With creativity, you can combine modern style with natural traditional. The two styles will blend perfectly, like the inspiration for the village homes above. The choice between natural stone walls with solid concrete, a touch of natural color with modern white, to the pointy roof feature that is maintained in the middle of a contemporary line structure is able to create a unique and aesthetic village homes.

How about you, are you ready to move to a village homes? Or maybe you are motivated to renovate your home design into a village homes like the inspiration above? Don't forget to also equip your village homes with a variety of rustic furniture and decorations so that the natural impression is felt even more.

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