Find Out Kitchen Backsplash According To Your Favorite Color

kitchen backsplash

Kitchen backsplash - The kitchen is a fun area for experimenting with new dishes or just having a nice coffee.

Because of the many activities carried out in the kitchen, unconsciously making the kitchen look dull and dirty. 

The number of splashes of oil stuck to the kitchen wall or backsplash sometimes affects the mood of cooking. 

The backsplash area is often forgotten, but a beautiful and fresh look can make cooking more vibrant. 

Come on, find out the kitchen backsplash design that matches your favorite color.

Sea Blue Subway Tile

blue kitchen backsplash

If you are a fan of the color blue, it means you are a lover of cleanliness. Has a calm nature like water and fun to talk to. 

For a suitable backsplash in your favorite kitchen, you should use glossy subway type tiles in navy blue. 

The backsplash preparation technique can be stacked or you can use herringbone and chevron techniques to make it more interesting. 

Then mix and match with white accents that will make the kitchen look wider.

Mosaic Glass Tile Red Color

red kitchen backsplash

The color red can mean you have a visible charm, are confident and can blend in all environments.

Therefore, for a backsplash display, you can use mosaic tiles that provide a minimalist accent.

The advantages of mosaic tiles, have low water absorption, are easy to clean, and are resistant to heat. 

The use of mosaic tiles will give a bright and glamorous look just like your personality.

Polished Cement Backsplash Gray

gray kitchen backsplash

Do you have a dynamic and efficient nature of things? Or do you prefer a place that is comfortable and not overwhelming? 

It looks like a backsplash with a gray polished cement material you can apply in the kitchen. 

In addition to the unobtrusive color, this material brings a touch of industrial that is quite charming. 

The advantage of polished cement is that it is durable and easy to clean.

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Hexagonal Tile Marble Thassos

kitchen backsplash

For those who are still confused about choosing a kitchen backsplash, you can look at the design example above which uses a hexagon tile model with thassos marble material.

With a clean and simple look, it fits the personality who likes white. The advantages of this material are very resistant to temperature and humidity. 

Backsplash Black Multiplex Wood

kitchen backsplash

Want to make the kitchen look different and attractive? 

Take a look at the inspiration from the stylizimo blog which uses black multiplex wood which displays a modern minimalist impression that is not excessive for a kitchen backsplash. 

For the final result, use a waterproof layer so that the backsplash is not easily weathered. 

Black fans who like a stylish kitchen look must try this design model.

Stainless steel backsplash

stainless kitchen backsplash

Create frequent spenders with new menus or recipes in a steaming kitchen. 

The use of stainless-steel can be applied, in addition to having a clean and luxurious impression.

This material is often used by professional chefs because it is easy to clean and anti-rust. 

Well, the silver character prefers a practical one that fits the stainless-steel concept. 

This material can be combined with blue, white, and black cabinets for a modern and futuristic look. 

Yellow Color Mosaic Tiles

The yellow color is synonymous with cheerful and creative characters, as well as the yellow mosaic backsplash.

Which can make the kitchen atmosphere more cheerful and fresh. If you do not want to apply a yellow color that is too bright. 

We recommend using mosaic tiles with a pale yellow color which will provide a calming effect. 

This mosaic model can make a kitchen look with a fun retro and contemporary concept. 

Aspect Stone Tiles Pink

Unlike other kitchen backsplashes, which must use screws in installation. 

This sheer, natural stone tile features a light and flexible texture. 

What's more, the color used is soft pink which is perfect for those of you who have a soft and feminine nature. 

How to install a backsplash by removing the adhesive plastic and attaching it to the kitchen area wall.  

This type of backsplash is much preferred because it can be done alone without the help of professionals.

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Creamy Translucent Tiles

Kitchen backsplash ideas can bring other nuances in one place.

If you like cream colors who like a soft and classic atmosphere, you can try the idea of ​​installing a backsplash with a glass display and a combination of stone tiles. 

A variety of neutral looks can make the kitchen warmer with a trendy and modern contemporary concept.

Glass Tile Granite Backsplash Brown Color

Rough lines in granite create brown accents combined with white cabinetry. 

Glossy light brown and dark brown tiles make it look dominating the kitchen area. 

The brown color itself symbolizes a simple and warm personality. 

Diamond backsplash motif in green

Play a combination of green and white in the kitchen backsplash area with a diamond motif display. 

Will bring the impression of harmony, cool, and fresh. It's the same with your personality. 

In addition, use glass material that makes it look more attractive. 

Mix and match hanging cabinets with warm or neutral colors so that they are not too monotonous. 

If you want to create a traditional kitchen concept and create an intimate atmosphere with your family, you can try this idea. 

Orange Color Patterned Tile

The color orange is very closely related to a cheerful, creative, energetic personality, to an appetite stimulant. 

It doesn't have to be only with the appearance of glass tiles and shiny. You can apply a kitchen backsplash look with unique patterns. 

But if you want to highlight from an artistic point of view, patterned tiles or glass mosaic motifs are still a favorite.

Gold Metallic Backsplash

gold kitchen backsplash

Afraid to try gold? The kitchen design this time even makes you interested in installing a gold backsplash. 

The gold color with glittering accents will make the kitchen look more luxurious. 

Pair gold with white or gray for a lighter kitchen feel.

The advantages of metallic material are also very compact and easy to clean, besides being rust-resistant, they are also durable. 

The color gold is synonymous with self-confidence.

Glossy Tile Purple Color

Tiles with a glass display have a variety of motifs and textures. 

Including this glass tile with a textured and shiny design can make the kitchen look more charming. 

The color chosen also has a character that emphasizes beauty and softness. 

In addition to color, this kitchen backsplash is also equipped with protective glass that has a thickness of 6 millimeters and can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius. 

And also the glass is very strong and scratch resistant. 

This kitchen backsplash inspiration can be your reference in determining what color suits the character. 

But it never hurts to pay attention to the budget you have. 

There are many choices of good materials and no less charming with cheap prices.