17 Beautiful Room Decoration Ideas With Pink Color

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pink room decor ideas

pink room decor ideas – Pink is a very trendy color this year, until a new shade of pink called millennial pink appears. Why not try to have a pink room decoration instead?

Pink can be used as the right color to decorate a room. You don’t have to worry that this color will look tacky because it depends on how you mix and match the room decor.

To help you get pink room inspiration, follow the pink room decoration ideas that we present especially for you.

Pink Room Decor Ideas

1. Want to Feel at the Beach? Choose Rose Pink Color

pink room decor ideas

Mediterranean colors and furnishings will make you feel like you’re on vacation. Choose a wall paint color that looks like sunburn, for example, rose pink.

In addition, use furniture with ethnic patterns, then choose white and black for color balance. Also use typical beach items such as wicker, clay and rattan.

2. Make Pink a Neutral Color

pink room decor ideas

Usually for narrow or minimalist rooms, people will use all-white colors so that the room doesn’t seem cramped. You can replace white with pink.

Choose a very light pink color close to white throughout your room. To give the color a different dimension, use a blanket in a darker pink. See other articles: low budget modern 3 bedroom house design.

3. Disney Princess Room

pink room decor ideas

To achieve this super girly room, use a baby pink color throughout the room. In fact, the most important thing is the princess-style furniture such as a four-pillar bed frame, chandeliers, ottomans, and a doll house in the shape of a palace.

Use baby pink color for carpets, bedding, curtains, and some other decorations. To give an adult impression, you can use white and light gray on other furniture. Have you ever felt like you were in a fairy tale?

4. Combination of Pink and Purple for an Elegant Room

pink room decor ideas

You can combine pink with royal purple so that the room looks luxurious and elegant. Try using some pillows and several layers of bedding and blankets in your room to make the atmosphere look comfortable.

Combine pink mauve, royal purple, and white on your pillows and bedding. You can also use a variety of fur rugs with a combination of these three colors. Your room feels super comfortable huh! See other articles: how to soundproof your room.

5. Pink as a Transitional Color

pink room decor ideas

If you just want to add a little feminine touch to your room, you can use pink as a transition color. Choose white for the ceiling, floor and bed. Then, use black for some other furniture.

Give a striking pink color for the walls of the room. Make sure your bed has elements of these three colors too. You can use white sheets, black blankets and pink pillows. It’s also suitable, it turns out…

6. Want a Spring Atmosphere?

pink room decor ideas

Don’t hesitate if you want to incorporate some spring colors in your room. Choose the three spring colors that you like the most, such as pink, blue and green, then just combine them for your bedding and room.

Don’t forget to add white as a transition color. In addition, choose patterns related to spring too! See other articles: two colour combination for bedroom walls.

7. Pink Oasis

pink room decor ideas

You can give a touch of nature in your pink room. Choose a baby pink color for the walls and bed bedding. Then choose furniture made of wood and display lots of green plants in the room.

Make sure to choose indoor ornamental plants, yes! Feels like living in an oasis, doesn’t it?

8. Striking Room Colors

pink room decor ideas

If you really want to have an intense color room, you can choose a fuchsia pink color for your walls, curtains and carpet.

Choose a light gray color for the transition color to make it look more striking. Also use dark gray and cobalt blue for another decorating touch. See other articles: bedroom ideas aesthetic.

9. Room with Classical French-style wall decor

pink room decor ideas

Want your room to look like a classic European room? Try decorating the walls and ceiling with gypsum, and opt for a pattern that was typical of Europe in the 1800s.

For color choices, choose a pastel pink color that is close to the color of coral for the walls of the room. For the bed, you can choose white and emerald green bedding to give an elegant impression. Give decorations in dark and gold colors as well as additional accents in the room.

10. Watercolor Painting Inspiration Room

pink room decor ideas

We can take inspiration from watercolor paintings for rooms. Choose white for the walls, cabinets and floors in your room. Then attach a watercolor painting that is brightly colored but has some pink objects.

Follow the color palette from the painting for the rest of your bedroom furniture. As above, you can use a yellow bed and headboard, then choose pink for the ottoman, pillows and blankets. You can choose watercolor colors or patterns for other room accessories. See other articles: best colour combination for house exterior.

11. Cute Teen Room

pink room decor ideas

Teenagers’ rooms are usually still decorated with cute and contemporary accessories. Dominate your bedroom and bedding with baby pink and white colors.

Choose cute and trendy room accessories such as fleece blankets, fur rugs, candles, bean bags, sitting pillows, pom pom lamps, cloud lights, art prints, and flowers. Don’t forget to add a pink chairlift to be a reading corner.

12. Unique Inspiration from Old Rooms

pink room decor ideas

How about trying to decorate a room to look like an old-fashioned room? Use a bed that has pillars to make it look like an antique bed. Then use variations of green, pink and white for your bedding.

The most unique thing about this room is the use of wood panels for the walls of the room, which are decorated with transparent wallpaper or pink floral stickers.

Also add some photo frames that have peeled paint and antiques. It’s so unique! See other articles: unique low budget simple house design.

13. Metal Room…..but Pink

pink room decor ideas

If your soul is metal but still wants pink room decorations, you can paint the entire walls of your room in black and gray. Don’t forget to choose a wardrobe and bed in black.

Then, paint the ceiling of the room with pink. Also choose a lamp with a large shade, and other wall decorations that are pink. Literally black-pink huh!

14. Contemporary Geometric Room

pink room decor ideas

Contemporary geometry has indeed become one of today’s design trends. Try room designs with various geometric shapes, ranging from windows, bed headboards, to various room accessories.

Paint the entire wall pink, and choose accessories and carpets in pink, neutral, purple and blue colors. If you can use carpets and accessories that have a touch of color block!

15. Shady Room

pink room decor ideas

You want a room with a calming atmosphere, just combine pink with lavender. Choose wallpaper, carpet and soft pink bedding. Then, use lavender for your sheets and blankets.

To make the room more beautiful but still seem calm, choose silver and metallic room accessories.  See other articles: pictures of beautiful houses.

16. Hit Pattern

pink room decor ideas

In addition to striking colors, you can also choose patterns that collide as well. To limit the crowded nuances of the room due to the “war” of patterns, make sure that the colors you choose are still in harmony.

Choose a wallpaper with a fuchsia color with a floral pattern on the wall. Then, for bed bedding, use pink with a different pattern, as well as curtains and pillows. Also give yellow in one of the accessories to be an additional accent in the sea of ​​pink.

17. Selective Coloring

pink room decor ideas

It’s possible to have a pink room decor but it doesn’t look like Barbie’s house. You can adjust the pink color to suit your personality and your design taste. All you have to muster now is the determination and courage to turn your room all pink!

What kind of pink room design do you think you want to try?


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