14 Minimalist Small Apartment Design Ideas

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minimalist small apartment ideas

Vertical housing does have a limited area, but there are minimalist small apartment ideas that are comfortable, functional, and also Instagramable.

When choosing to live in an apartment, you will be faced with a limited residential area. 

The size of the apartment which is minimalist indeed makes residents have to look for ideas to be able to have a comfortable and cool design. 

Don’t be discouraged by the narrow apartment area because there are many cool small apartment design ideas. 

Apartment designs can be designed more widely in various ways, one of which is by utilizing the height of the occupancy. 

The height of the apartment can be maximized, as well as the apartment walls that can be used. 

Not to mention the use of planting furniture or built-in furniture that can save space. 

The Rumah123.com property site will present a series of cool and functional small apartment design inspirations. 

Although the inspiration from apartments abroad, it never hurts to be a design idea. 

Minimalist Small Apartment Design Ideas Pictures

1. Cool Co-Living for College Students

minimalist small apartment ideas

In fact, this apartment is co-living for Indian students in the cities of Pune and Chennai. 

The area of ​​this apartment is only 21 square meters, but it becomes spacious because it is designed to have a mezzanine.

2. Minimalist Apartment with Mezzanine

minimalist small apartment ideas

This apartment has a minimalist area of ​​only 18 square meters but takes advantage of the high ceiling so that it has a mezzanine. 

This apartment design in Bueno Aires, Argentina is painted white and has a planting cupboard to make it more spacious.

3. Apartment Design Like Hotel Rooms

minimalist small apartment ideas

The architect designed this apartment like a hotel room because the owner only uses it on weekends. 

This apartment, which is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, only has an area of ​​24 square meters, not much different from apartments in various countries.

4. An Apartment as Wide as a Boarding Room

minimalist small apartment ideas

The area of ​​​​the apartment in Beirut, Lebanon is only 15 square meters, aka more like a boarding room than a vertical residence. 

To make a broad impression, the architect did not create a partition and applied white color to the walls, floors, ceilings, and household furniture.

5. Small Apartment That Has a Bathroom with a Bathtub

minimalist small apartment ideas

The area of ​​this apartment in Tokyo, Japan is actually quite large, around 34 square meters, but it looks even wider. 

Architects made a sliding wardrobe and left out stuff so there was room for a bathroom with a bathtub.

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6. Apartment with a Ceiling Height of 3.3 Meters

minimalist small apartment ideas

This vertical residence in Taipei City, Taiwan is indeed only 22 square meters wide but has a ceiling height of up to 3.3 meters. 

Because it is quite high, the architects worked around this by making mezzanine apartments and planting furniture.

7. Vertical Residential with Wood Shades

minimalist small apartment ideas

The limited area is managed by having a mezzanine floor in this apartment in Berlin, Germany. 

In addition, the architect included elements of wood on the floors, furniture, and walls so as to make the dwelling feel more different.

8. Apartment Or Garage?

minimalist small apartment ideas

Imagine the area of ​​this apartment is only 13 square meters but can contain a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. 

The area is more like a car garage, yes, but this apartment in Wroclaw, Poland has a cool design and has a place to hang bicycles.

9. Utilize Apartment Walls

minimalist small apartment ideas

To maximize the area of ​​​​the apartment, the architect used the wall as a place for storage and also an area for displaying decorations. 

This apartment, located in Budapest, Hungary, has an area of ​​​​about 30 square meters and is quite spacious for a studio type.

10. Have Built-In Furniture

minimalist small apartment ideas

This apartment, which is located in Paris, France, is not widely known even though it looks small in the photo. 

Architects get around this by installing planting furniture or built-in furniture so that they don’t take up the area of ​​the room.

11. Apartment with an area of ​​8 square meters

minimalist small apartment ideas

The area of ​​this apartment is more like a warehouse because it is only 8 square meters so the bed and bathroom must be hidden. 

This apartment in Paris, France is a formerly unused space in an old building.

12. An Apartment Inhabited by 2 People and 3 Cats

minimalist small apartment ideas

It doesn’t feel right if you don’t include an apartment in Hong Kong, which is indeed small, like an apartment of 30 square meters. 

Uniquely, this apartment is inhabited by 2 people and 3 cats and can accommodate two guests, wow that’s pretty good.

13. Residential with Modular Furniture

minimalist small apartment ideas

The area of ​​​​the apartment in Florence, Italy is about 30 square meters but is managed with modular furniture. 

The bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are hidden away, while the sitting area is also a storage area.

14. Utilize Floor to Ceiling Height

minimalist small apartment ideas

The mezzanine floor can indeed be a solution for the design of this 33 square meters small apartment. 

In addition, the architect also used planting furniture that did not take up a lot of space in this apartment in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Those are some minimalist small apartment design ideas. Hopefully, it can be useful and inspiring.


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