13 Unique Home Wall Shelf Ideas

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unique home wall shelf ideas

Unique Home Wall Shelf Ideas – Freestanding bookshelves and bookcases have gone out of fashion. Instead, floating wall shelves appeared everywhere in household use. Why you ask? Wall shelves are easy to install using a minimal set of household tools. They are usually more affordable than individual furniture. And they look great.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of our favorite wall shelf ideas, suitable for any space or personal style!

Unique Home Wall Shelf Ideas

1. Ideas for Modern Wall Shelves

unique home wall shelf ideas

It is difficult to define modern design, largely due to the systematic dependence on trends. If you want your wall shelf to look modern and trendy, use unexpected materials and interesting shapes in your design.

Glass shelves certainly look modern, but not overly trendy. The solution is to decorate them (however, like many others) with unique brackets. Ditch the traditional black or silver finishes in favor of bold yellow or rose gold.

Don’t forget the wall behind the shelving. Painting a geometric shape around the wall shelf will turn it into the center point of the room. Also, experiment with where to hang your shelving. The “random” distribution of floating shelves on an open wall is a great way to deprive the overall design of unnecessary symmetry.

2. Ideas for Corner Wall Shelves

unique home wall shelf ideas

Try looking for a floating corner shelf with personality in antique shops – the best place to start your search. At the same time, floor-to-ceiling corner shelves are a good alternative to a full-sized bookcase. Cubic shelving can also be hung in the corner to display decor items or provide additional storage space.

Although corner shelves are often a stylistic gimmick, they are still quite practical. They are less likely to bump into each other or clutter up the space as a whole. In addition to aesthetics, a shelf in the corner can also add stability to any tall furniture. If you want to use a free-hanging shelf simply in a room design, but are a little hesitant, place it in an unoccupied corner.

When you picture a corner shelf, you most likely picture it built into the inner corner of the room. But floating shelves can also be fixed at protruding corners.

Choose low-profile options and keep décor to a minimum – shelves are pretty decorative on their own.

3. Wall Shelf Design Ideas

unique home wall shelf ideas

Beautiful wall shelves do not mean specifically the shelves themselves. The whole point of their placement is based on the idea of ​​​​open display and storage of items.

Books are a classic design option. If for some reason you don’t want to use bookends, place each book on its side for more stability. Small potted plants can be arranged on shelves to tie everything into a cohesive overall look.

If the shelf is large enough, place a framed picture or a mirror on it and lean against the wall. Place small items in front of them to break up the design without blocking your view. Store miscellaneous items in baskets to organize storage space and improve aesthetics.

On the other hand, choosing the simplest shelf option can easily harm your home interior. Take the time to find an interesting and unusual shelf to take your room design up a notch. You can try options inspired by geometric shapes and motifs, suitable for any decor.

4. Ideas for Small Wall Shelves

unique home wall shelf ideas

If art prints and framed photographs are not to your liking, the question arises – how to decorate an empty wall? Use small wall shelves that can fill the empty space and display the decor items that are dearest to your heart.

Floating shelves are a great way to clean up furniture that tends to pile up mountains of decorative items. Build multiple shelves in multiple layers to create a gallery wall – add other multimedia decorations to give the design a professional touch.

Placing small shelves requires careful planning. Arrange individual items on the shelves, such as candles, houseplants, and figurines. Although each shelf usually only holds one or two items, you should still choose a specific decor to create a coherent composition.

5. Cube Wall Shelf Ideas

unique home wall shelf ideas

Upgrade your floating shelf to a stylish cube. Cubic shelves look best as a set, not one by one. Make a gallery wall out of cube shelves or line them up.

Cubic shelving is great for displaying one or two of your pride items. Avoid shelf clutter – if you have multiple items to display, hang multiple shelves. Don’t forget to use the entire cube shelf to showcase your favorite decor. Place simple items on top to highlight the main attraction housed inside.

If you love vintage style, check out your local antique store for a set of wall cabinets. They are a great way to store sundries in any room. Use the one-of-a-kind shelf to store fashion accessories, herbs, spices, toiletries, or more.

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6. Ideas for Free Hanging Wall Shelves

unique home wall shelf ideas

Free-hanging, or floating, shelves are a fun way to add storage to awkward or hard-to-reach places. Hang just one or two shelves for a discreet design, or use an entire set to replace a bookshelf or other shelving unit.

If you need to maximize your storage space, choose shelves with built-in organizational solutions. Many shelves today feature a coat rack, storage hooks, and other built-in items. Wire shelves are the best choice for the laundry room or any other place where you want to optimize your storage options.

Free hanging shelves are simple in nature. But it does not mean that you should leave the design to its fate. Decide for yourself whether you want your hanging shelf to stand out or blend in with your surroundings. For example, a white floating shelf will almost disappear against a white wall. The same cannot be said for a dark shelf made of aged wood.

7. Art Nouveau Wall Shelf Ideas

unique home wall shelf ideas

Since Art Nouveau is all about combining functional pieces with a flamboyant style, avoid hanging shelves. Instead, wall shelves will become a highlight in their own right.

Simple floating shelves look good in modern design due to their clean lines. However, you should not completely discount the more fun options. For example, a ladder shelf can be both visually intriguing and contain tons of usable storage space.

When planning your wall shelf design, think about the role lighting will play. Undershelf lighting can instantly transform a simple design into an intriguing one.

8. Ideas for Kitchen Wall Shelves

unique home wall shelf ideas

Open shelves are a favorite of modern kitchen designs. Whether you want to flaunt your finest china or keep pantry groceries close at hand, a floating wall shelf is your best bet.

Opt for a deep storage shelf to provide enough space for bulky kitchen utensils and decorative items. Hang a set of hooks under the shelf to store mugs, measuring cups, utensils, and more.

Use an open shelf to fill awkward gaps in cabinets. If you’re planning on using an open storage rack, make sure it’s within reach of a sink or stovetop. There is also no reason not to extend the idea of ​​kitchen shelves to the dining room.

The kitchen is the room where you will definitely need strong shelves. Take the time to secure the shelves with studs. If there are no studs, it is better to choose another place or install additional supports.

9. Rustic Wall Shelf Ideas

unique home wall shelf ideas

Rustic shelving benefits from an eclectic mix of décor. Choose shelving units with a variety of textures and color variations. For a modern aesthetic, eschew bulky hardware in favor of streamlined floating shelves.

Shelves made of natural wood can warm up a simple room design. You can also use leather and metal accents to give the room a more inviting vibe. Or put potted plants on a small shelf to bring some life into the room. Artificial plants and wreaths are great alternatives too – no one will notice the difference if you put them on a high shelf.

As for the layout of the shelves, try to stick to the traditional layout. Hang one over your fireplace for a makeshift fireplace. Or install a few shelves along one wall of the kitchen to create an open pantry.

10. Ideas For Wall Shelves In The Living Room

unique home wall shelf ideas

Each living room should have comfortable chairs and a welcoming atmosphere. If you leave the walls empty, it will be incredibly difficult to achieve the latter.

Open shelves are perfect for holding framed photos and other family mementos. As always, make sure the shelves are securely fastened to the wall. Purely decorative shelving can be mounted closer to the ceiling to keep everything out of the way (and out of the reach of little grasping hands).

Many living rooms serve as a place to work or study. If this applies to your home as well, invest in a hanging shelving unit that doubles as a desk.

Don’t be afraid to use your favorite floating shelf idea as a mantel. Or make a versatile entertainment wall with floor-to-ceiling shelves framing a fireplace or TV.

11. Ideas For Wall Shelves In The Bathroom

unique home wall shelf ideas

When it comes to the bathroom, no matter how much free storage space there is, it is always sorely lacking. Shelving offers an easy way to expand a room’s available storage space, from a spare closet to a simple bathroom.

Inspect the bathroom for loose walls. If you plan to use new shelving with a firm intention of future storage, make sure the chosen location is within reach. There are several good places to install – above the toilet or bathtub. To avoid clutter, hang several small shelves rather than one large one.

A floating shelf with a recess will prevent small bottles and tubes from rolling off. If you’re going to store washcloths or hand towels on them, look for shelves with built-in hooks or bars. Of course, you can always screw your own towel rack into the bottom of your favorite shelves for extra storage options.

12. DIY Wall Shelf Ideas

unique home wall shelf ideas

Chances are you don’t need anything crazy to update your wall decor in style. Building a DIY shelf out of old planks of wood or regular lumber is quick and easy if you have a few right tools.

Technically, all you need for a floating shelf is a few brackets and a piece of wood. Make your new shelf minimalist or invest in trendy mounting brackets. Put together wooden boxes or honeycomb shelves from several pieces of two by four – the method will provide even more interesting storage on the wall.

For a rustic DIY project, place your favorite decor on a pallet shelf. There are many excellent building plans for beginners and experienced craftsmen. Pallet wood is affordable and easy to find. Look for old wood with a wide variety of colors and textures, or give everything a uniform finish with paint.

13. Home Office Wall Shelf Ideas

unique home wall shelf ideas

Adding shelves to your office can help make the space feel more personal or more functional. When installing wall shelves in your home office, you have to ask yourself if they will be primarily for storage or decoration.

Any shelves you plan to use for additional storage should be hung within reach of your workspace. Choose options with enough room to accommodate heavy hardcover books, desktop electronics, and more.

Decorative shelves can be fixed anywhere your home office walls need a revitalization. Decorate small shelves with one or two decor items. If your office can accommodate long, wall-to-wall shelving, place items in single spaces for cleanliness and organization.


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