13 Black And White Bedroom Theme Ideas, Beautiful & Elegant

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black and white bedroom ideas

Black And White Bedroom Ideas – The Black and white color allows you to bring the sense of style to its main logical conclusion. Without being distracted by color, the black and white palette creates conditions in which each individual design element focuses on its own. This monochromatic pair is a timeless color combination that goes with just about any decor style.

Black And White Bedroom Theme Ideas

No matter what the atmosphere in your home is – modern urban chic or blooming bohemian – you can easily express it in black and white. Scroll through our selection of the best black and white bedroom ideas and let them inspire you.

1. Ideas for a black and white bedroom in an apartment

black and white bedroom ideas

Apartments often have specific design problems. The rooms are limited in size, which creates the need to maximize the use of every square meter of free space. Luckily, a black and white bedroom makes such a strong statement that even in a small apartment, it’s able to stand out with this color scheme.

Industrial lofts with exposed air ducts and wooden floorboards accentuate the monochromatic palette. Simplicity is the key to emphasizing inherent architectural details. At the same time, a simple white or black bedroom will not create a rustic atmosphere. Whitewash exposed brick walls or leave them as they are against a white and black color palette.

A black and white bedroom also looks great in a high-rise apartment building. Often such buildings have irregularly shaped rooms with more than four equally sized walls. The graphic simplicity of black and white is perfect for showcasing the unusual arrangement of walls and windows.

2. Ideas for a black and white boho bedroom

black and white bedroom ideas

Relaxed and free-spirited, boho (or bohemian style) typically includes free use of color. However, its eclectic nature does not recognize the existence of hard and fast rules regarding which colors can be used. Bohemian decor has a strong global influence, and the textiles of many cultures include a variety of black and white patterns.

The Boho style allows unlimited mixing of contrasting patterns. Feel free to place a floral print next to a checkered one or mix the mandala with the stripes. Place fake taxidermy animals on the wall, like a white deer head with shiny black antlers. Try boho with white walls, black floors, and black and white linens. Highlight it all with natural fiber elements such as macrame and wicker baskets.

3. Modern ideas for a black and white bedroom

black and white bedroom ideas

People often confuse modern bedroom design ideas with modern. Modern style refers to current and future trends, while modern describes a bygone era. Modern pieces tend to have softer, rounder lines than the hard corners of Art Nouveau. Light wood finishes and metal accents dominate the modern style of bedrooms.

Bold color schemes are part of both contemporary design and modern style. Therefore, the idea of ​​a black and white bedroom is perfect for both types of spaces. Patterns should be kept simple and not overused in the room. Black and white checkerboard patterns can convey a modern or traditional style.

4. Ideas for dark black and white bedrooms

black and white bedroom ideas

It’s no secret that many people prefer the dark, soothing comfort of a black and white bedroom. A dark bedroom is ideal for those who often sleep during daylight hours. There are many ways to thicken the darkness of a room without turning it into a black veil. Paint one wall black or the darkest shade of charcoal and set a deep walnut headboard against it for a dark look.

Deep navy blue is a good accent color if you want your bedroom design to be dark and mysterious. A dark blue upholstered headboard or armchair against a black wall conveys a stunning masculine vibe. Any shade of gray pairs well with black or navy blue and provides an overall somber and dramatic feel to the bedroom.

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5. Ideas for decorating a black and white bedroom

black and white bedroom ideas

Adding texture is one of the easiest ways to spice up a black and white bedroom. Instead of a shiny wooden headboard, use a white wicker bed for a country or beach-style bedroom. Find a white rug and place it on top of the black jute rug. Throw a black cable-knit throw and some white throw pillows over a velvet chair.

You can diversify the black and white color palette by adding different shades of gray. A palette of grays will soften the space, blurring the hard lines between the two colors. Use warm gray flannel bedding, black and white photographs, and install a wooden floor with gray spots. Also, consider using gray with only black or only white, instead of using two primary colors at once.

6. Black and White Bedroom Theme for Kids and Teens

black and white bedroom ideas

If your kids are having a hard time picking a bedroom color, know that black and white can be a fun idea for a kid’s bedroom. Mix and match black and white chevron stripes, dots, and tribal patterns. Paint at least one black accent wall, especially if your child wants a play or space-themed bedroom. Or use black chalkboard paint on all or part of the wall if your child likes to draw.

Use white paint to update your child’s favorite furniture. Cheerful black and white animals are a great theme for a monochrome bedroom for kids and teens. Zebras, panda bears, snow leopards, and penguins are just some of the black and white creatures found in nature.

Consider a cartoon panda bear theme for a nursery. Likewise, a sophisticated zebra-inspired design might suit a teenager’s room.

7. Ideas for luxurious black and white bedrooms

black and white bedroom ideas

Black and white convey elegant simplicity but are also great for luxurious use. Black or white items for a luxurious bedroom include silk fabrics, fur, cashmere, or feathers. Sheathe the wall with black or white suede panels to create a luxurious wall-to-wall headboard.

Metallic accents will add glamor to your black and white bedroom. Shiny chrome, yellow, and rose gold or charcoal metallic all look spectacular against a solid color decor. Use your favorite metal in lamps, fittings, frames, vases, and other accessories. A gold or silver canopy or canopy bed is a glamorous addition to a luxurious black and white bedroom.

8. Ideas for a black and white minimalist bedroom

black and white bedroom ideas

As more people join the cleanliness movement, minimalist bedroom design is getting more and more popular. Maybe you’re into the “less is more” doctrine and want your bedroom to reflect your new, simplified values. The Black and white minimalist style is the most pristine basic option, but it does not mean that it has to be boring or gloomy.

Make the room more minimalistic by choosing all the main elements of a solid color. For example, use all-white bedding, but all furniture should be rich black. Another option for a clean minimalist style is to use white for the entire room (walls, ceiling, floor, bedding) and just a few black focal points. It can be either a single work of modern art or a geometric black lamp.

9. Ideas for a modern black and white bedroom

black and white bedroom ideas

The modern design includes everything from 1920s Art Deco lines to vintage 1970s contemporary pieces. The mantra of contemporary bedroom design is “Form follows function.” This means that you can exclude objects from space that do not have a practical purpose. Exposed structural elements such as ceiling beams are a hallmark of mid-century modern homes.

Elements of mid-century modern design look great when presented in black and white. Glossy black or white glass chandeliers are ideal sources of contemporary lighting and pair well with chrome or brass accents. Warm wood finishes were typical of mid-century furniture, and today they are relevant in a white and black bedroom.

10. Ideas for a black and white bedroom in Scandinavian style

black and white bedroom ideas

In the center of the Scandinavian style – bright light and neutral colors. Large windows are vital in northern climates and are an integral architectural feature of such spaces. Natural materials are popular, and the overall atmosphere leaves a feeling of comfort and peace.

Light wood tones, popular in Scandinavian design, create an earthy backdrop. It smoothes the boundaries between neutral white and black elements. Use grays to fill in the gaps between solid blacks, bright whites, and woody tones. Make sure your bedside table, bed frame, and other pieces of furniture feature flowing or rounded silhouettes.

11. Ideas for a simple black and white bedroom

black and white bedroom ideas

Create a simple bedroom design using just one or two patterned pieces instead of lots of monochrome prints. A predominantly white room with a white ceiling, white walls, and maybe one black wall is a clean backdrop for your chosen pattern. If you want to create a softer bedroom, hang floor-to-ceiling chiffon curtains or sheer drapes for soft, diffused light.

If you like the contrast of a bedroom but the actual hues seem too harsh, use colors that are close enough to convey the same feeling. Examples include dark navy with pale cream or slate gray with silvery-white walls. A predominantly gray bedroom can be a calm backdrop that brings out bolder black and white elements.

12. Ideas for small black and white bedrooms

black and white bedroom ideas

Since horizontal lines visually expand the room, try using black and white wallpaper with a horizontal stripe. A paneled ceiling or accent wall achieves the same effect. Line one wall with brick cladding and whitewash it for an intriguing texture. For a more dramatic statement, use black paint instead of white on a brick veneer.

Feel free to use mirrors, they will expand the small bedroom and reflect your favorite decorative elements. Hang a tall, framed mirror on the wall opposite a window to double the available daylight. Hang a collage of framed mirrors above your bed for a more diffuse reflection of light. Mirrored veneer furniture will also make a small bedroom feel more open.

13. Ideas for walls and ceilings in a black and white bedroom

black and white bedroom ideas

The way you treat walls can make or break your black and white bedroom decor. If your bedroom has skylights or other corner walls, accentuate their lines with bold paint choices. Use masking tape to create a geometric pattern on an accent wall. Move beautiful wallpaper from the floor to the ceiling, or install a coffered ceiling for added interest.

Wallpaper isn’t just for walls. A black and white checkered wallpaper makes a great centerpiece when hung on the ceiling above a black and white bed. Paint the crown molding a high-gloss black to further draw attention to the patterned ceiling. Cover the ceiling with metallic silver wallpaper for a subtle reflective effect.


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