12 Pictures Of Green Bedroom Design Ideas

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green bedroom design ideas pictures

Pictures Of Green Bedroom Design Ideas – What color are the walls in your bedroom? If you haven’t painted or thought about the design of your bedroom in a long time, then you’re behind the times. Your bedroom should reflect your personality and style, and help you relax and sleep.

Our green bedroom ideas will inspire you to choose a new paint color for your bedroom walls.

The right shade of green will help you convey a sense of nature. Or choose a bright and rich shade that stimulates in the morning. Green is the perfect color for your bedroom and looks great with a variety of decor and interior items.

Green Bedroom Design Ideas Pictures

1. Accent Wall

green bedroom design ideas pictures

If you’re not ready to paint your entire bedroom green, then why not just one accent wall green? Then you can enjoy the beauty and physiological benefits of wall color without having to paint the entire room.

When designing a green accent wall, it is not necessary to just paint the wall and get the usual green. Try designing with wood trim to create patterns and texture. Or combine another color with green paint. Adding metallic accents will give an elegant look and feel of luxury.

2. Boy’s Room

green bedroom design ideas pictures

If your little boy loves the color green, then why not make his dreams come true by ditching the traditional navy blue color scheme and painting his room green?

Let him choose the green color he likes best. Perhaps it will be a bright lime, or maybe he prefers a darker one. Then pick decor for the bedroom that goes well with the green of his choice. Choose a different shade of green for the bedding or carpet on the floor.

3. Classic

green bedroom design ideas pictures

Choose hunter green and pair it with a white ceiling for a classic look. Use this color combination for your bedroom to feel stylish. Choose light woods for the bed frame, headboard, and other bedroom furniture. They will give a feeling of freshness and cleanliness to your bedroom.

Try pairing sage green with saddle leather or tan and brass or copper. This will give your bedroom a warm and welcoming, slightly masculine character. You’ll love the effortless elegance that exudes traditional style and freshness at the same time.

4. Elegant

green bedroom design ideas pictures

Indulge in elegance by painting your bedroom in a darker shade of green. It will make the furniture in the bedroom more expressive against the background of the walls.

Choose a headboard made from more expensive materials. It can be made of expensive wood or upholstered in leather.

Complete the luxurious feel with high-thread bed linens, thick throws, and plush pillows. You will feel like royalty as you snuggle up in bed and fall into a deep sleep.

Continue the sense of elegance in your bedroom by hanging a gold-framed mirror on the wall. Then add a chandelier to the ceiling for additional lighting.

5. Forest Green

green bedroom design ideas pictures

To use dark green in the bedroom, it is not necessary to paint the room forest green. Instead, look for furniture made in this color.

Place an eye-catching forest green armchair in the corner of your bedroom to create a cozy reading nook. Lay a dark green carpet on the floor.

Feel free to combine forest green with a green bed frame, headboard, or chest of drawers.

If you’re a fearless approach to interior design, consider painting your ceiling green. This can be a stunning and unique solution, especially if you combine it with green walls or white windows.

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6. Girl’s Room

green bedroom design ideas pictures

Ditch the stereotypical pink and repaint the girl’s room with a different one. Light green walls can create a feeling of freshness. They also go great with pink if your daughter loves pink.

Try creating a two-color pattern on the wall. Or paint the walls one color and use the other to accent the room, like pink walls with green pillows, carpet, and window panels.

If your daughter is older, you can keep the room from looking too young and cute by adding gold accents. This will elevate the room and make it more mature. Replace light fixtures with modern ones.

7. Guest Room

green bedroom design ideas pictures

If you love green but aren’t ready to use it in your bedroom, then why not try these green bedroom designs in your guest room? This will allow you to create a beautiful recreation area design for your guests who will spend the night at your place.

The guest bedroom is your chance to create a bold design with a rich, vibrant dark green. Embrace the Great Gatsby style with art deco accents and touches of gold throughout the room. Or create a soft and cute bedroom with mint green paired with bleached wood.

8. Interior

green bedroom design ideas pictures

When choosing ideas for interior design, it is wise to stop at the green. Pale greens, such as mint green, feel light, bright, clean, and fresh. Darker shades enrich, motivate and convey the feeling of money.

To add green color to the interior of the house, it is not necessary to paint the walls in a green tone. Instead, add decorative items such as throw pillows as a temporary solution.

When choosing decorative elements, add a few shades of green for a multi-dimensional look. It is also a great color for adding vibrant colors. You can add a rich emerald green velvet sofa to your living room.

9. DIY

green bedroom design ideas pictures

Get in the mood by updating your bedroom design with a rich green hue. You can create a soothing oasis, hidden from prying eyes, almost like in a spa. Start your bedroom renovation by choosing the shade of green that you like the most.

Choose a few options that seem attractive. Then tape it to the wall or draw squares with paint samples. This will help to place them in several places around your bedroom.

This way you can see how the colors look as the light changes throughout the day. You may find that the color you like in the store looks terrible in your home.

10. Modern Bedroom

green bedroom design ideas pictures

Creating a modern bedroom is all about using furniture with minimal ornamentation and crisp, clean lines. You can decorate the bedroom walls in shades of green with white linens on a bed with a black frame. Or try painting the walls a soothing cream and pairing them with green linens.

Choose softer shades of green or complex in tone. A light green bedroom, where the hue appears slightly grey, looks good. Or opt for a darker shade with blue echoes for a multi-dimensional feel. Sage green will give your bedroom an earthy feel.

11. Country Style

green bedroom design ideas pictures

Using green to paint the walls will go well with the room and rustic decor. You can create a mint green bedroom. A light green color will give freshness. It also pairs well with the darker wood of rustic furniture.

Mint green walls look good paired with white and black accents. They balance the room and prevent it from being too bright and light. Another option is to add white tones by whitewashing the wood. This will give the tree a rustic look and add visual variety at the same time.

12. Wallpaper

green bedroom design ideas pictures

Try using wallpaper to give your walls a green color. For an eclectic bedroom, choose wallpaper with a creative pattern. You can choose wallpaper with a geometric pattern or a mural on the entire wall.

It’s also an interesting option if you’re looking for a bright color like lime green or deep emerald green. This color applied to the walls is harder to hide in the future if you decide to paint over it.

Choosing a wallpaper of this color will be an easy decision because you can simply remove the color by getting rid of the wallpaper. The method facilitates the subsequent change in the color scheme of the bedroom.


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