10 Women’s Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

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There are a number of minimalist women’s bedroom ideas for small rooms, of course, they can be a reference for you to change your baby’s private room.

women's bedroom ideas for small rooms

When a girl is a teenager, she needs a private bedroom, different from a child’s room.

Of course, the interior of a baby or child’s room is different from a teenager’s room. They can be embarrassed if there is a small child display or decoration.

You really have to design the bedroom of a girl who is growing up, of course, pay attention to many factors, including funds.

The appearance of a teenage girl’s bedroom is certainly different from the design of a teenage boy’s room which is dominated by masculine color tones.

While the design of a girl’s bedroom, usually has a more feminine and calm color such as pink or its variations.

You can see the differences between teenage girls’ and boys’ bedrooms in this article review.

Women’s Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

If you’re looking for minimalist women’s bedroom ideas for small rooms, let’s take a look at some of the inspiration below.

1. Comfortable with Natural Touch

women's bedroom ideas for small rooms

This minimalist bedroom design measuring 3×4 meters feels comfortable thanks to the application of wood parquet floors with natural colors.

The selection of a short bed further adds to the homey impression of the private room, the room becomes more spacious.

2. Room Design with Wall Shelves

women's bedroom ideas for small rooms

If the size of a girl’s bedroom is not too wide, you can handle it with a minimalist wooden wall shelf.

The presence of the furniture will also add to the aesthetic impression of a minimalist teenage girl’s bedroom decoration.

3. Modern Japanese Style

women's bedroom ideas for small rooms

Simple minimalist women’s bedroom design ideas for small rooms in the style of Japanese – Scandinavian or Japandi look contemporary.

You don’t need a lot of furniture, you just need to fill the room with a minimalist bed. This makes the room seem more spacious.

4. Comfortable with on the floor Concept

women's bedroom ideas for small rooms

This minimalist teenage bedroom feels homey and comfortable because it doesn’t use a bed. The room feels more spacious.

The mattress is made on the floor and combined with the use of a pink carpet that matches the bedsheet.

5. Unique with Graphics on Walls

women's bedroom ideas for small rooms

To create an attractive Korean-style teenage bedroom design, you can process the walls by making asymmetric color gradations.

The game of wall paint color gradations will present a unique and beautiful impression on a minimalist teenage bedroom.

6. Presenting Beautiful Minimalist Furniture

women's bedroom ideas for small rooms

In order to create a luxurious impression in a modern minimalist room, you can choose white furniture like this.

In addition to functioning to store the baby’s belongings, the presence of a bedside table also adds to the aesthetics of the decor.

7. Warm with the Lighting of the Lamp

women's bedroom ideas for small rooms

Lighting is one of the interior elements that are quite important to give a comfortable impression to a minimalist bedroom.

You can design the lighting of a row of chandelier bulbs that can make the atmosphere warmer.

8. Indoor Ornamental Plants in the Room

women's bedroom ideas for small rooms

A simple teenage bedroom design will feel cooler by placing ornamental plants in several parts.

The placement of these indoor ornamental plants also adds aesthetics to the minimalist teenage girl’s bedroom decoration.

9. Unique Bedroom

women's bedroom ideas for small rooms

The design of a narrow bedroom can be more aesthetic if you use bed linen with a unique motif.

This picture, which combines a unique bed linen motif with curtains and also a minimalist dressing table.

10. Bedroom with Wallpaper

women's bedroom ideas for small rooms

One way to make minimalist teen bedroom decorations look beautiful is to use feminine-themed wallpapers.

You can choose pink with a heart pattern and combine it with natural colors such as white, don’t hesitate when mixing and matching colors.

Hopefully, the latest women’s bedroom ideas for small rooms are useful. If it is difficult to design an interior & exterior, you can use the services of a home design architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to examples of the right house designs for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!


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