10 Little Wooden Houses Decorations

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little wooden houses decorations

Little Wooden Houses Decorations – A wooden house is a model of a house that has become a common sight when we are traveling to the countryside. But don’t be surprised if now the trend of wooden houses is starting to become an option in building a house. Wood materials are increasingly loved lately because of the natural impression one gets when visiting a house with wood materials.

In several countries such as the United States, Canada, and Finland, wooden houses are very popular houses. Some of the designs have even been adapted to contemporary style, so even wooden houses that are not too big in size still look beautiful and not boring. Well, this is where the role of decoration is needed. What are the must-have little wooden house decorations items? Check out the following reviews!

Little Wooden Houses Decoration

1. Apply Carpet to Sweeten the Wooden House

little wooden houses decorations

Carpets are often installed to liven up a warm impression in a room. However, it is not uncommon for people to install carpets with the aim of sweetening their interior space.

This item is mandatory in a wooden house. Why? Apart from being seen from a usability perspective, carpet can also be seen from an aesthetic point of view to sweeten a wooden house. Before installing the carpet, it’s a good idea to pay attention to its size. Adjust as needed, not too small and not too big.

Then, consider pattern and color. Choose an earthy tone color to strengthen the natural impression on a wooden house, for example, a Persian rug. See Also: 25 Pictures of Wooden House Design.

2. Shelf as an Addition of Artistic Value in a Wooden House

little wooden houses decorations

The storage area for goods is one of the most important objects in the house. There is no exception, a shelf that serves other than as a place to store goods, ranging from beautiful decorations to memoirs of achievements.

Now you can find various models of shelves that have high artistic elements, such as wall shelves and minimalist TV shelves. Apart from being a place to put things, the right shelf can also be a decorative element.

3. Flower Vases to Welcome Guests

little wooden houses decorations

Even though the size is relatively small, the presence of a flower vase can actually give a cheerful color and a different atmosphere to the room. Apart from its beautiful appearance, flower vase decoration elements are quite versatile and not too expensive.

If you place it in the living room, then the presence of a flower vase can be a sweet welcome for guests. Surely your guests will also be happy if they are greeted with beautiful flowers on the table. See Also: Tiny Homes Design Of Various Models.

4. Want a Luxurious Impression? Victorian light is the answer

little wooden houses decorations

A large room in a wooden house usually requires a lot of light. In some cases, a standard lamp may be a good solution. However, if you want to achieve a more beautiful room glow, consider using pendant lights neatly around the room.

This chandelier is also very prominent and eye-catching with its distinctive carvings and elegant motifs. Suitable for those of you who want a natural wooden house with a modern accent.

5. More Beautiful Room with Painting

little wooden houses decorations

Eliminating the monotonous impression of a wooden house can be done by hanging decorative items in the form of paintings. Several bird-themed paintings or landscapes can complement the natural impression of a wooden house.

Painting placement is also an important factor in decorating your wooden house. If you place it carelessly, the house will actually feel cramped and full. Especially in a wooden house that is identical to the impression of nature, you should try to keep the room looking spacious. See Also: Small Home Terrace Decoration.

6. Mirror for a Strong Broad Impression

little wooden houses decorations

Decorative objects that can emphasize your character do not always depend on the choice of furniture and colors on the walls. Mirrors can also act as a focal points. Minimalist mirror design, besides being able to beautify, can also be a focal point that makes the room look spacious.

When choosing a mirror as a room decoration, you must consider the harmony factor with the objects around it. Color selection is the key to the arrangement of your wooden house. Mirror frames in natural colors such as black, brown, or silver are a safe choice for almost any interior design.

7. Gallery Wall to Show Your Personality

little wooden houses decorations

Apart from decorating items in the form of paintings, using a gallery wall is an ideal way to show the personality of the occupants of the house. Apart from that, the gallery wall will give a modern touch to the living room, especially if you choose to use frames. For example, by making a photo frame collage at home.

In the bedroom, the decoration choices are a little different. Another option for a cheap room wall decoration is to make a mural. Because besides being cheap, murals can also be used as a place to show creativity. See Also: Wooden House Interior Design.

8. Add a Minimalist Sofa for a Modern Impression

little wooden houses decorations

The best type of sofa that you can choose for your wooden house is a minimalist sofa set. Besides being more economical than having to buy sofas one by one, sofas in sets are also easier to adapt to the interior design of your home. Usually, the design of the sofa set has been adapted to the popular home interior style.

So, for a wooden house that has a natural impression, choosing a minimalist sofa set with wooden sticks or a sofa with earthy tones can be an option that you can consider.

9. Add Comfort with Sofa Pillows

little wooden houses decorations

When talking about sofas, it is incomplete if you don’t add sofa cushions as a partner. Apart from being comfortable, sofa cushions can be decorations that make a wooden house more complete.

You can use faux fur pillows on minimalist-style sofas. Besides being comfortable and soft, these pillows also have a high decorative value because of their unusual and interesting motifs. The perfect partner for a neutral sofa set, right? See Also: Beautiful Wooden House Interior Ideas, Simple and Warm.

10. Sheer Curtains for Residential Wooden Houses

little wooden houses decorations

Curtains that cover the windows of your wooden house can make a big difference to the entire interior of the room. That’s why many people choose to use curtains at home. One of them is a minimalist curtain.

If you are confused about choosing the type of curtain that is suitable for the natural concept of a wooden house, consider a minimalist type of curtain. If you don’t want to ask a handyman to install curtains, you can install curtains yourself.

If the room at home is a room that is exposed to minimal light, you can use sheer curtains. Conversely, if your room gets a lot of light, you should use curtains made of rather thick material.

If you want to build a wooden house, make sure you don’t forget those ten decoration items! Do not forget, also choose the right quality furniture.

Little Wooden Houses Decorations


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