10 Korean Drama Bedroom Design Inspirations

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Korean Drama Bedroom Design – Now the trend of room interior design is growing. In fact, some countries also have their own unique room designs that we can imitate, including Korea.

For those who like to watch Korean movies or dramas (drakor) surely know that their room design has its own character. To be sure, the rooms in Korean dramas look comfortable and aesthetic, don’t you agree?

Korean Drama Bedroom Design Inspiration

korean drama bedroom design

The interior design of the rooms shown in various Korean dramas usually carries a minimalist concept with a room that is not too wide.

With the right furniture, materials, colors, and arrangements, you too can create your dream room like in Korean dramas. Come on, take a look at the following 10 Korean drama bedroom design inspirations!

1. Korean drama bedroom design blends with the floor

korean drama bedroom design

This Korean drama bedroom design inspiration is perfect for a small room. The arrangement of all-lesh furniture gives the impression of relief in your room. The furry carpet will also make the room’s atmosphere more comfortable!

2. Korean drama bedroom design with wooden pallets

korean drama bedroom design

If you prefer a mattress without a bed, you can arrange it with a wooden pallet like this! Wooden pallets that are wider than the mattress can also create ‘extra space’ like the picture above. Just looking at it makes you comfortable!

3. Korean drama bedroom design in the attic

korean drama bedroom design

Not infrequently some Korean dramas show interesting locations for rooms, such as in the attic. If your room is in the attic, you can really imitate this inspiration. Do not forget to provide windows so that sunlight can enter.

4. All-wood Korean drama bedroom design

korean drama bedroom design

Room inspiration from the next Korean drama is choosing furniture that is in harmony with wood. Not only does it highlight the rustic style, wood material also adds a warm impression to your room.

To save space, you can also use a table with a model like the one above!

5. Korean drama bedroom design minimal furniture

korean drama bedroom design

This Korean drama-style room design really emphasizes a minimalist and simple impression. Some people even feel more relaxed in a room with minimal furniture, especially with a touch of wood like the one above.

6. Korean drama bedroom design with space separation

korean drama bedroom design

In some Korean dramas, you must have seen room designs with space separation as above. Take advantage of the bookshelf as a barrier between the mattress and space for work/study.

This way, your room will look more organized. Rest time on the bed is getting quieter because it is not distracted by other furniture.

7. Korean drama bedroom design with partitions

korean drama bedroom design

In addition to using a bookshelf as a room divider, you can also use a partition with a model like a mesh board. The partition is also useful for storing various objects. It looks really K-drama style, doesn’t it?

8. Korean drama bedroom design with warm decorative lights

korean drama bedroom design

Decorative lights also shouldn’t be left behind, to get a korean drama room decor. Choose warm white or yellow to create a cozy feel.

You can also make a flat sofa from large pillows like the picture above with the addition of a small table. It feels really good, if the room is like this!

9. Korean drama bedroom design inspiration with a hanging clothes rack

korean drama bedroom design

One of the hallmarks of Korean drama-style room design is the use of hanging clothes racks. This one piece of furniture can make your room more aesthetic if it is neatly arranged.

Choose a shelf material that matches the rest of the furniture in your room. You can also choose matching colors of clothes to hang to make it look cuter!

10. Korean drama bedroom design inspiration with neutral colors

korean drama bedroom design

This latest Korean drama bedroom design inspiration focuses on the use of neutral colors. Neutral colors can create a calm and relaxing impression in your room.

You can also put green plants in the corner of the room to give a fresh impression. Room designs with matching colors look more comfortable to look at, don’t they?

Those are 10 Korean drama bedroom design inspirations that you can follow at home. Looks charming and very comfortable, huh?


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